Voyages — 07 October 2015

…left her body on 30th September 2015.

Shivam Toni was born in London on the 12th of June 1930 and became a sannyasin in Pune when she came to visit her daughter Rahimo.

Shivam Toni

Samya writes:

It was a privilege for me to share precious time with Toni also during her last days.

I asked her many times if she was afraid in any way, and she replied, “No.” Toni was aware of her imminent death and remained curious about the dying process. She was deeply grateful for the full and wonderful life she has had.

There were also moments of humour. For instance, Toni asked during the last days if she had said good-bye to everyone to which Rahimo replied: “Several times mom, you can relax and go.” Also, when the nurse asked for permission to change some bandages, with a smile she just replied, “Whatever.”

As she was dying she said, “Life is a joke and we get so het up about it! Please don’t suffer over my death, as you soon will be laughing again.” Toni accepted her death completely and died in full consciousness. Her bedroom was radiant with love and peace.

Toni inspired and touched the hearts of many in her final few weeks.

Good bye Toni, you are a shining star!


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I first met Toni when Rahimo (Lynne) and I became friends before sannyas in our early 20’s. Over the years our friendship deepened. Toni was a great storyteller. I loved listening to her tales. She loved her duck pond in Barnes and took me there twice on my visits to see her. Toni was creative and a good artist and photographer. She was such a beautiful soul and will be missed by all who loved her. She loved her family and talked a lot about them and especially Rosie – Lynne’s daughter who is my god daughter. Toni had soul and wisdom and will be missed by so many. Fly high dear friend Toni. I am so grateful you were in my life.

Beloved-by-many Shivam Toni:
You were my temporary mother-in-law during the Ranch days. You opened your heart and your home to me, and we met – not in our surface roles but heart-to-heart.
I remember the first time you came to the Ranch, and jumped head first into the Sangha, not letting your British conditioning stop you from joining the ultimate crazy love affair your daughter Rahimo/Lynne had found.
Even when your own marriage disintegrated, and mine and Lynne’s alongside it – you kept your poise, and your heart open.
Though we hadn’t met in many years, you will always be close. I love you.