Narasimha: Mantra for Protection


Deva Premal shares a track where she sings the protection mantra.


Password Deva Premal

  Deva Premal – Narasimha  




Narasimha is a mantra for protection against negative energies. It is especially chanted by and for people on the path; seekers, sannyasins, etc.

Narasimha is depicted as a fierce and fiery deity, although – musically – our version of the mantra does not reflect this fierceness; we see it rather as an expression of protection which is non-aggressive. Is it not that there is no separation, therefore… no protection is needed?

Deva Premal

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Deva Miten Manose

Deva Premal became a musician and a sannyasin when she was still a child. She met Miten in Pune and they started travelling giving concerts and later singing groups. Deva’s passion for mantras found a vivid response in the public (over a million CDs sold) and the theatres and halls never seem to be big enough to accommodate all those who want to attend. The bansuri player Manose was ‘discovered’ by Deva and Miten in 2002 and has been accompanying them since.

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