Man Lives In, Through, And For Illusion

Hot Chillies

Man lives in illusion.
Man lives through illusion.
Man lives for illusion.

Chilli Illusion

In short, man lives because of illusion.
Hence the fear of truth.
Nobody wants truth,
although everybody goes on seeking for it.
That seeking is a deception,
that seeking is an avoidance.
To seek truth means to avoid truth.

It has to be understood –
how the seeker goes on avoiding truth.
To seek means to look far away,
to seek means to look somewhere else,
to seek means to go on a trip.
To seek means to postpone –
to seek means it will happen tomorrow or
the day after tomorrow,
it is not happening right now.
It is not here, it is there.
It is not this, it is that.

Man goes on living in illusion.
But to live in illusion
one needs to avoid truth,
because if truth comes
it will shatter all your illusions
and all your so-called life and
all your so-called love.
Truth looks like a calamity.

Osho, This Very Body the Buddha, Ch 6, (excerpt)

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