Worldwide Coloring Book for Spiritual Seekers

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Too serious about your spiritual trip? Lighten up and laugh it up.

Worldwide ColoringThe latest book by Prem Geet is an existential extravaganza with something for everyone. It is a unique concept of bringing the art of coloring into acquainting oneself with God and existence.

Around the world for centuries, different religions have told us God is up in the sky or down in the earth. Religions tell us to look for God in the sun or moon, on the cross, or in the stone, and even in birds, fish, and corn. While some sages say God is all pervasive, in every living thing, others say that God is within.

Think of this creative coloring book as your own God locator. Clear out your inherited conditioning and locate God within your own heart. Also, make peace with the challenging symptoms of spiritual growth.

Whether a newbee or a mature seeker, your journey can present deep valleys as well as golden peaks. Learn to witness both. Cozy down with a box of crayons and a glass of champagne to locate God, the Divine, and your Self, no matter what culture or country you have been born into. Try this wonderful, wild way to explore the most universal human question: Where exactly is God?

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