That Is The Way To God


Osho explains the new name given (Prem Anado) and speaks about the silence of the heart.

Anado's darshan

Prem means love, anado means silence – soundless silence. Love is silence – it is the music of silence. That’s why love cannot be expressed. And the moment you express it, you falsify it. It is no more the same experience that was felt in the heart. The moment it comes into the words it is already far away from the heart, because no word can enter the heart and the heart cannot enter into any word at all they never meet.

The word belongs to the head, love belongs to the heart. And when the heart has to use the head to express itself, it is no more the same. It is such a tremendous change – the translation from the heart to the head is such a great gap – that the moment it is uttered, the heart feels sad. The words have betrayed it.

Love always feels that language is inadequate; hence lovers sit in silence. More communion happens in silence because energies can move directly without passing through the head, without being distorted and disfigured by the head. When energies can move direct from heart to heart there is communion. Love knows what communion is but love cannot be communicated. Out of this dichotomy many beautiful things have also happened.

In the effort to convey it, music was created. Because music is wordless it is closer to the heart than to the head. Poetry was created. Poetry is less structured than prose – more fluid, less frozen – and real poetry is not structured at all. Real poetry knows no grammar, no rules, real poetry is freedom. It plays with language. It is not confined to the language – it hovers around it. Hence sometimes poetry can give a little glimpse of what love is, but only a glimpse, a reflection. Dance was invented… all the ancient societies were dancing societies, and all primitive people are dancing people. Even birds dance and sing when they are in love; that is the natural language. It is not a language at all, still it expresses.

This is the case with our so-called human love; what to say about divine love? When one falls in love with a Master or when one falls in love with God, then even dance cannot express it, even songs cannot sing it, even poetry falsifies it. Then silence, and only silence….

This is the meaning of your name: be loving and be utterly silent in your love. Let silence and love become two aspects of your energy, and you will know what God is. That is the way to God.

Osho, God’s Got A Thing About You, Ch 18

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