I Don’t Give a Fuck!

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Prem Dayal has published his latest book and for the first time also in English (besides in Spanish).

I Don't Give a Fuck!

He explained, “After 30 years of breathing, eating and listening to Osho, it was for me unavoidable to tell the story my way, and my way is that of provocation, irony and comicality. I wrote a book, and it proved to be a very good idea because, even if it disturbs the orthodox of any spiritual team, Penguin Random House and Mondadori published me, and we sold more than 100.000 copies (120.000 to be precise) mostly in Mexico so far. (Spanish title ‘Me Vale Madres’, Italian title ‘Mavvaffanmatra’.)

“Good old Socrates said: all I know is that I know nothing. If Socrates didn’t know it, imagine what it is that I don’t know! But there are a hell of a lot of people who say they know a lot, and are therefore much smarter than I and even smarter than Socrates, who certainly would not be someone to be ashamed of as a classmate. There are those who speak with angels, who speak with the dead, with forest creatures, extraterrestrials, goblins and animals… and the luckiest of all speak long distance with God. Sadly, it often happens that these same people, found talking candidly with ghosts, plants, UFOs, sheep, cows and all types of beasts, have serious difficulty communicating with their own children, their partners or with the valet parking dude.

“I didn’t want to convert to any type of creed or belong to any religious gang; I didn’t want to dress up as a Hindu or practice contortionism to perform in a circus; I didn’t want to delegate my spiritual growth to diets and exotic rituals, or chant words that had no meaning for me; I didn’t want to give up my freedom of judgment in order to be married to a belief system… but I also didn’t want to renounce living the mystical aspect of existence and discover within me what the heart already knows but the mind cannot understand. That’s why I became a godless mystic.”

Available as ebook from www.lulu.com
and as paperback from www.lulu.com

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Prem DayalItalian-born Prem Dayal met Osho in 1987 and spent most of the 90’s in Pune. He has been street artist, actor, choreographer, director and scriptwriter; he was the first assistant to Nobel Laureate Dario Fo, and taught mime and acting for many years. Since 2001 he has been living in Mexico where he founded the Osho Center Mexico and also edited and published the Spanish Osho Times. Once a week, he performs a one-man theatrical presentation based on his books and is also the author of ‘Tantra and Sausage, a Juicy Way to Sacred Sex’, and ‘This Year I Don’t Give a Fuck’, a collection of 365 original aphorisms in the form of an ‘eternal calendar’. premdayal.org – osho.com.mx


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