Pope Francis Echoes Osho’s Warnings

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En route to Rome, Italy, on November 30, 2015 after his visit to Africa, Pope Francis gave an in-flight interview to accompanying journalists.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis during the press conference: “Now or never.” Credit DPA

Pope Francis sees the world climate conference in Paris as the last chance for humanity to prevent a global environmental catastrophe. He mentioned the boldly increasing threat and cited as examples the melting glaciers in Greenland and the rising sea levels.

He further strongly declared, “If humanity does not change, poverty, tragedies, wars and injustice will continue. Children will go on dying of hunger.”

He added, “The world is on the verge of suicide if we do not radically change the way in which we deal with problems linked to climate change and the current development model.”

Earlier in January this year, he also published a thesis on the topic, laying the blame for global warming on the shoulders of mankind: “I don’t know if it is all [man’s fault] but the majority is, for the most part, it is man who continuously slaps down nature,” he said.

If Pope Francis’ statements sound familiar to our readers, it is because Osho has been speaking continuously on the dangers humanity is facing, saying that the old ideologies and religions have all combined together brought about the situation of global suicide. And he emphasises again and again that only a new man can save humanity and this beautiful planet.

In a darshan he commented:

“The whole existence is nothing but a great brotherhood. We are all interdependent. Nobody is independent, nobody is dependent; it is an organic unity. Even if a pebble is missing in the world, the world will not be the same. There is no hierarchy, it is not that something is higher and something is lower; there is immense equality. In fact existence is very communistic: it exists in equality, it exists in brotherhood.

And man has destroyed that harmony; he has destroyed the whole ecosystem of existence. Man has poisoned ecology because of a mad desire to be at the top, the stupid longing to conquer nature. It has been the greatest calamity. We are now on the verge of committing a universal suicide.

To me, to be religious means to fall in harmony with all that is. You are neither lower nor higher. Trees are brothers, rocks are brothers, birds and animals are brothers. I love Saint Francis because he used to call his donkey ‘brother’. He would always address the donkey as ‘brother’ and trees were ‘sisters’.

That should be the approach of a religious person. Start feeling a kind of brotherhood towards all that is; let that be your meditation and your prayer.

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