Voyages — 19 December 2015

…left her body on 18th December 2015.

Neeto Peirsman owned an esoteric bookstore in the US before she went to India in 1977 to stay in the ashram in Pune. There she worked in the mala shop. She was also interested in Indian Dhrupad music. Neeto was an excellent astrologer and tarot reader, and also a very skilled and sensitive photographer. She had three sons who live in the USA. Her big love was Anubhavo (aka Etienne Peirsman) with whom she alternately lived in Antwerp and Santa Fe. Neeto, who had a BA in Psycology, co-authored with him Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children after they had worked for many years as a team exploring new Cranio techniques for babies and children of all ages. Although Neeto did not give Cranio sessions herself, she often established the initial contact when mothers or babies needed help to relax. They also gave workshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and USA.

Anubhava with Neeto


Nidhi, who met her last year after a 30 year gap writes, “We had such a beautiful meeting. There was so much love and ease as if no time had ever passed. Shortly afterwards she went blind from cholesterol medication. She seemed very accepting and said that maybe she had “seen enough,” but of course it must have been a challenge. She used to travel with Etienne when he was teaching abroad. I am sad she is gone, and I am so happy she left in a beautiful space. She is such a beautiful being….”

[Prem Neeto] It means love virtue. Virtue that arises out of love is true virtue. Virtue that is imposed by others and has not arisen out of your heart is a pseudo thing. Only love is the law, the fundamental law, to be lived. All other laws drive people astray from their natural being: love brings you home. There is no higher law than love, so love is the true foundation of morality — not codes, not commandments. People go on following what is written in the Bible and in the Geeta; they only become pretenders. Listen to your own heart and follow it. Wherever it leads it is good; it cannot lead you astray. It is infallibly moving towards god.

Osho, Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot, Ch 26 – 27 December 1978

Read Neeto’s question: Osho, what is the difference between longing for the divine and loving another? in The Other Is Hell


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There is only one word that describes her being, Osho. When I met her, just after Osho left his body, I asked her to marry me and teach me Love — and she did, non stop. She really personified what Osho told her in darshan about virtue; she had become it, total, unconditional, just unreasonable joy. I’m in Love. Her gift to me: to be open and free. We started two Cranio Sacral schools, the PCSA in Bussum, the Netherlands ( and in the US in Santa Fe ( Without her creative and driving force these two schools wouldn’t have existed; she was the force behind me, she enabled me to fly. All pictures and layout of the websites are Neeto’s, the text is mine edited by her; we were and are magic,

Beloved Neeto, who loved the divine in music – she gave this gift to so many.
Judy Rust

I met Neeto in 2000 when I started my course of craniosacral therapy. A couple of years later the opportunity was given to me by Etienne and her to teach at the Peirsman Academy. I will always cherish her and be immensely thankful that she saw my talent and pushed me in a clear, loving and no-nonsense manner to go for it!

I was fortunate to have crossed paths with Neeto a couple of years ago. It felt like we had known each other a long time. She has a beautiful and generous heart and was there for me when I needed her. I still feel her presence and her love.
Mary Ann High

Meeting Neeto is being showered with love and care. Even one week before her death she phoned me and brought me to tears with her farewell words. So much caring.

Neeto was my roommate in Poona One and my confidante and support system at the Ranch. With her sometimes acid tongue, quick wit and psychic senses, she was a delight to know and a true friend who could always be counted on to help me (try to) understand the Mystery. Bon voyage, beloved sister!

I remember Neeto as an extremely gifted astrologer. In Poona One, among many other insightful things, I recall she told me that I hate to get my hands dirty (literally) – and she was right. I hadn’t noticed how much I hate to get them dirty till she said it. More importantly, on the Ranch, when Osho had flown out and no one knew where to, she said she saw him in civvies, in jeans and heavy demins. Nothing could have seemed more unlikely! And yet a week or two later we watched him on screen in a TV talk show filmed in prison in Charlotte or Oklahoma, I don’t recall where, in heavy green prison uniform. It was a shock. I remember Neeto as a soft spoken, warm, deeply intelligent woman and am saddened to hear she has left us.
Savita Brandt