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It was an evening, probably in 1968, that Osho gave a talk at Bhulabhai Desai Auditorium in Mumbai.

This auditorium is located in a highly elite area; for about 500 in the audience there were 300-400 cars parked, blocking several adjoining roads and paths.

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As usual Osho gave a breathtaking talk for an hour. Afterwards, when he walked towards his car many admirers accompanied him. About to get into his car, an old woman approached Osho and told him that a female relative of her family who had died a few years before, had left behind an amount of 50 lacs Rupees (today’s equivalent almost tenfold) with the condition that the money should be spent for some good cause. So, she said, there couldn’t be a better cause than offering that money to Osho.

Finally she requested that when Osho would create an ashram, he should erect a statue of Lord Krishna in front of the building.

Osho said to her, “There are thousands of Sadhus in the streets of India. Give it to any of them. With me never talk about terms of condition. Once you give the money to me, I become its owner. It is up to me how to use it. I may use it or throw it in the sea.”

The old lady was stunned and speechless while Osho’s car moved off.

I knew a little of the woman’s family. Her son was the owner of four large textile mills and chairman of All India Cotton Exchange. And in those days 50 lacs were a huge sum. But Osho never allowed anything that made even the slightest difference to his way of living. He never liked conditions. I am fortunate to have witnessed this incident.

As a side note – when the ashram in Pune was established, the main office building was named Krishna House.

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