“My Books Are Immensely Important”


A short report on the seminar ‘The Books of Osho’ held on December 12, 2015 in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

The seminar was organized by the Dutch Foundation ‘Friends of Osho’, with Khoji presiding over the many presentations and discussions. Osho Publications was also present with a selection of books by and about Osho.

Seminar chairman and speakers
Room overview
Mudra on the microphone
Audience with Michele and Guze
Nandan speaking
Ojas standing
Applause from the audience
Visitors looking at book display
Dhyan and Mudra
Abhi at the presentation table
Abhay with visitor
Audience with Henry H and Mayo
Farewell present


One of the lively discussed topics was whether Osho’s books are accessible enough. Nandan’s conclusion was that more summaries of Osho’s vision on numerous subjects should be made to bring them to the attention of the university world.

Divyam spoke about the emotions provoked by interviews of sannyasins for his articles published in some Dutch magazines. Many of them spoke about what Osho’s Dynamic Meditation had brought them. By reading Osho’s books, they got a different view on the world, and gratefulness for having met Osho is a subject that was often elaborated on in Divyam’s interviews.

Sugit presented an overview of Osho’s bibliography (he works together with German Rudra) and spoke about the great job Neeten from Denmark, who was also present, is doing in the framework of  the Osho Source Book.

In addition, Sugit spoke about his efforts to create an archive of sannyas music that will surely be appreciated by many folks!

Ojas dwelled on the development of book printing and concluded that also in this digital time printed books of Osho remain necessary. He said, “Only with a book in your hands and not merely with letters on the screen can you come to self-reflection!”

The documentary ‘Journey of a Book’ featuring Osho’s Library was shown with Dutch subtitles.

Many discussions took place in small groups. Some of the topics were:

How to make Osho known in existing social groups, such as ‘Slow Food Movement’.
Is it a good idea to publish a glossy ‘Osho!’ just as a glossy ‘Jesus!’ and ‘Mohammed!’ have appeared in the Netherlands this year.
Developing an App for young people to bring them in contact with Osho’s vision.
How to use Facebook and Twitter more actively.
An Osho Introduction Course for students is needed.

The fabulous day began with a Silent Meditation, musically introduced by Anuprada at the piano, and ended with a Laughing Meditation guided by Dhyan. All participants went home with a free copy of the second edition of the book ‘How Osho Came into My Life’, compiled by Nandan.

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With thanks to Nandan

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