Mansha from Japan


…left her body on 27th December 2015.

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Ma Prem Mansha (aka Akiko Takahashi) grew up in Okayama and studied Japanese literature at Kobe Shinwa Joshi University. She took sannyas in Tokyo in 1984 and came to Pune in 1988. In the commune she worked as an assistant in art groups.

After she had learned how to paint from artist Meera in Pune, she became an arts lecturer at Nihon Doubutsu College in Sendai. Mansha also learned Sound Resonance from Komala in Sedona, because Komala found she had the potential of being a healer. After studying Reconnection with Dr. Eric Pearl she gave sessions also in this modality. She worked in the field of arts and healing for 10 years and worked as a welfare worker until shortly before she died.

In November she suddenly fell ill and was taken to hospital in December where she got worse and died. Everybody, including herself, were surprised how fast everything went. Even in times of agony she kept her awareness.

Her partner, Deva Yoshiro writes:

I realize now that while she was dying she understood something very important in the deepest core of her soul. When she left her body, I felt a subtle atmosphere as if she were at ease, in silence, and dancing like a butterfly, so lightly. All signs of illness and medical treatment had gone; her face looked like a beautiful sleeping princess. When her coffin was brought out of her home, many little birds had gathered on the nearest tree and gave her a good send-off with an amazing chorus.

The Shingon Buddhist monk who carried out the send-off ceremony had been my school friend since kindergarten. In the heart-warming sutra he said, “I tried my best specially for my almnus’ wife.” I strongly felt that he was leading Mansha’s soul to another liberating shore, a very precious ‘Buddha relation’.

Mansha had been meditating, singing, dancing, cerebrating and living in the presence of Osho. Whatsoever she was interested in, she studied honestly. She has lived a short life but a happy one.

When Osho left his body we were both in Pune and I had a precious experience with her. “Death is the greatest fiction…” we had come to realize then that it was indeed true. The master’s bliss had showered over and around us and we became inseparable.

Osho, her mother, and those who have crossed the shore before must be preparing for Mansha’s welcome. As eternal souls, when we soon meet again, we must be recognising each other. Thank you, Mansha, bye for now. I loved your smiling face.

I would like to thank, on her behalf, all those who have been spending time with her and who have sent good wishes during her illness.

The ceremony of 49 days will be held on 13th February; if you remember her, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Her paintings can be seen on this website:


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My dear beloved Mansha, I just received the news here that you left the body. I am thinking of you, feeling you, remembering those beautiful moments we shared in courses, lunches and walks together, a special dinner with you and Yoshiro at your beautiful home. My love accompanies you on your onward journey, you live in my heart.

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