Hiking in the Snow

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Leeladhar writes about the pleasure of hiking in the snow.

The great voyages that many of us previously undertook probably belong to the past now, yet remain in good memory. Nowadays I enjoy solitary wanderings – breathing in fresh air and observing beautiful near and far vistas.

Photographing during hiking has many advantages: it keeps me in the present and forces me to ‘stop’. There appears a time window of intensified ‘perceiving’ – pure meditation… and also, the aging heart can take a breather…

Emmental 2 (14)
Emmental 2 (4)
Emmental 2 (8)
Emmental 2 (7)
Emmental 2 (15)
Emmental 2 (9)
Emmental 2 (10)
Emmental 2 (11)
Emmental 2 (13)
Emmental 2 (5)
Emmental 2 (12)


The photos were taken in the Emmental region nearby Thun (also called the door to the Bernese Oberland), where Tarshita and I live. The Emmental is a valley in west central Switzerland, forming part of the canton of Bern. It is a hilly landscape comprising the basins of the Emme and Ilfis rivers.

The region is mostly devoted to farming, particularly dairy farming. This is where the original famous Emmental cheese (also called Swiss Cheese) comes from.


Leeladhar.jpg TNFormer plastic surgeon Prem Leeladhar took sannyas in Pune in 1977 and was among the first in Rajneeshpuram; he worked with the dam crew and later, after acquiring all American medical licenses, at Pythagoras. Back in Switzerland he trained in psychoenergetics and family constellation, worked as a psychotherapist and is the author of ‘Liebe & Schmerz – ein Schlüssel zur Gefühlswelt’ (Love & Pain – a key to the world of emotions).

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