…left his body on 26th January 2016.

Anand Anutosh (aka Tosh, Hugh Armstrong) was one of the actors of the Rajneesh Theatre Group in Pune 1. When he was not acting he was also helping out in Mariam canteen and as a guard.

He has been acting in movies since 1967 and is best known for: How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989), Raw Meat (1972) and Stuart: A Life Backwards (2007).

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150 Hugh Armstrong Raw Meat
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Anutosh died in his London flat at age 71. His funeral will be in two weeks time.

Read Vandana’s tribute: A Farewell
Pankaja’s tribute at his funeral: “So that’s goodbye Tosh…”

A 30-sec promo of ‘An exclusive interview with Hugh Armstrong for Mind The Doors!’ on YouTube

Photos thanks to Vandana, Clive Akass, Mariam Lisbeth, Stuart Lyon, Yamini


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Oh, Anutosh! Lovely old funny guy! I always liked you! Go well and with wind behind you, nice warm wind! You’ll probably make a joke out of that! Decorate the skies with your laughter and heart!

I will miss your voice, your laughter but I am always grateful of our love, we were so young… we are letting go now. Fly to the stars, wonderful free spirit,
Roxy Sargam

Farewell dear Tosh. Many hilarious memories. It was a privilege to work with you in the Theatre Goup – Poona 1. You remain the very best Oberon I have ever seen on stage.
“Sound, music! Come, my queen, take hands with me,
And rock the ground whereon these sleepers be.”
Keep on rockin!
Tapodhana (Peter Watson)

Trying to catch the wind, by Anutosh (audio)
Ibiza Rose writes, “In memory of our dear friend Anutosh (Hugh Armstrong), who passed by our house one day and sang us this lovely little song. Fly high, Anutosh…..catch the wind!”

Always a loveable rascal.
We shared a history beyond sannyas as graduates of The Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama. Many a hilarious tale about that experience!
His was the best production I ever saw of Twelfth Night in a small theatre in Hollwood. Many of our talented thespian friends were in it.
You will be sadly missed.

We had a very brief marriage in 1982. We lived with 16 other sannyasins, in the infamous “The Monkies” house in Laural Canyon prior to joining Osho at the Ranch. We were all considered rebels to the Ranch goings on and Tosh was our venerable leader. He would hold court daily in the breakfast room and leave us all on the floor rolling in laughter. I considered Tosh a matinee idol: his star quality charm, wit and wild ways took us all with him on his various dramatic adventures. Our marriage, conceived in Vegas, was a roller coaster of mishaps but I felt so privileged to have been his wife. We had a blast!
Learning yesterday of his death, took my breath away…and tears fell like El Nino. It broke my heart. He was such a force of nature. He has always been in my heart and I can only send him off with love and envision his ascension into the beautiful unknown as a glorious homecoming.

Toshie my Love. I shall miss our conversations. I miss you so much already. You have been a bright light in my life. Always you had time for me, a place to sleep, food and really whatever I needed, thank you. You will remain always in my heart. I love you,
Ma Dhyan Shobhan

We shared many laughs, many stories…. Such an amazing personality. So many memories; your laughter, your strength, your sense of humour. Dear friend, fly high into the Universe,
Prem Lolit

Tosh, I could always count on your insane sanity, your humor and your love. I’m grateful for our time together. I will miss you mate.

Just heard…remembering the fun we had getting it on, from guards in Poona to London, Laurel Canyon and Santa Fe. Very happy that you are moving on but will miss that laugh, Tosh, mmmmh,
Deva Nirguna

Dear Anutosh, you gave me (as the only American!) a life altering opportunity to learn Shakespeare with such wonderful artists. These unique productions are indelibly set in my memories. (And I finally learned to say: “Past” not “paaaast”!)

“If we shadows have offended,
Think but this, and all is mended—
That you have but slumbered here
While these visions did appear.
And this weak and idle theme,
No more yielding but a dream.”

Swami Deva Punit (Ron Auerbacher)
Shakespeare Group Pune 1
San Diego, CA

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