Voyages — 31 January 2016

…left her body on 25th January 2016.

Dipama was born in 1939 in former East Prussia (now Poland) and during the war she fled with her family to West Germany where she grew up. She became a graphic designer and married Premadhu in the 60’s. Together they went to Pune in the 70’s and then to Oregon. They enjoyed an extraordinary and challenging partnership, always finding again and again the way to each other and finally came to have a wonderful and heartful relationship. (Premadhu, last picture, died in January 2015 by committing suicide after a period of depression.)

Dipama was well known for her loving smile, her energetic dancing, and for telling good jokes. She was such a gift to the world — now her twinkling starlight will shine from above. We will miss her but will keep her in our hearts !

Her friend Bhaavan says: “When she was ill, I had several opportunities to visit her and accompany her, also talk with her about everything – also about leaving and letting go. Such a gift!”


Photo and info thanks to Bhaavan


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