One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green

Hot Chillies

A single buddha can make the whole world afire
with a new consciousness and a new humanity.

Chili Sprout 1

You are the very hope of a world
which is in great despair, in great anguish.
It is not only a question of your individuality,
becoming a buddha,
it is a question of saving this whole planet.

Chili Sprout 2

This planet can be saved only by people
who understand that every living being is divine.
To destroy anything is ugly and barbarious.

Chili Sprout 3

Particularly to destroy life is absolutely disgusting,
because if you cannot create life,
you don’t have any right to destroy it.
One seed makes the whole earth green.

Osho, One Seed Makes the Whole Earth Green, Ch 4, Q 1 (excerpt)

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