Insight and Creativity


Jivan’s thoughts about how to become innocent and full of wonder again.

Do you remember when you were a little child, you felt joy simply by running free for no reason, you could laugh while chasing butterflies and play with the same toy for hours? Your belly felt totally relaxed, knowing somehow you were completely safe? When you were sad, you cried. When you were angry, you yelled and frowned. When you were joyful, you laughed.

You were innocent then. Guess what, you still are.

This innocence and simpler way of being are still inside of you and each and every one of us; it can be felt at any moment, no matter what hardships we have endured in the past.


This simpler way of being cannot be taken away from you. It is essentially who you really are. You possess a wonderful inner intelligence that is based not only on your mind. This intelligence is much bigger: it comes from a knowing in your entire body – and beyond.

You know you are an amazingly intelligent and loving soul with simple needs. Your deepest wish is to live happily and playfully, with a career and relationship that makes you thrive and live out your fullest potential.

Sounds simple, and yes it can be. We just need to listen.

That listening happens during meditation. In the midst of meditation’s silence, the waning mind chatter gives space to something else far more precious and true to come through: insight and creativity.

Through creativity you can transform pain, depression, blame, unhappy relationships, chronic illness, and fear and anxiety into something more beautiful than you ever imagined. Is not only possible, but easily within reach. It can be something as simple as a finger movement or as large as a new book!

A deep inner compassion is revealed and a closer and more intimate relationship with yourself and others. With this shift, healing happens. Life becomes more fun and creative, richer, full of wonder, love and gratitude. In fact, this is what life wants for you every day. Life is waiting for you. It is always and forever longing for you and guiding you to come back to your true nature of boundless joy and unconditional love.


JivanJivan, born to Greek parents, grew up in Montreal, Canada where she studied Arts. She took sannyas in 2011 during her Star Sapphire Energywork training with Sagarpriya. She now works and lives in Stockholm, Sweden and the Greek Island of Crete where she offers Counseling, Meditation, Relaxing Massage, Star Sapphire Energywork sessions as well as Family Constellation workshops. Jivan is also an ovarian cancer survivor.

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