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Ageh Bharti recalls Ajit Kumar Jain and his work with publications of Osho’s words.

During the years 1967 to June 1970, among Osho lovers in Jabalpur was Ajit Kumar Jain. He was the best anchor and orator.

Osho and Ajit Kumar Jain
Ajt Kumar Jain of Jabalpur is shown doing an interview with Osho during his last days in Jabalpur.

Before I met Osho, Ajit once invited Osho to his village called Pindarai which is almost a hundred kilometres distant from Jabalpur and travelled there with Osho in the 1st class coach. The train station was situated about two kilometres from Pindarai proper. The villagers welcomed Osho by beating large drums and Osho had to walk amid those deafening drum beats while dust was being stirred high up along the path until they reached the village. Osho held a meeting in the afternoon, delivered a speech in the evening and returned to Jabalpur by morning train at 5 am.

Ajit became the first editor of Yukrand magazine, assisted by Arvind Kumar Jain and Ma Yoga Kranti (both Osho’s cousins) and Shree Abdul Radeem.

Osho took much interest in the publication of the magazine; as reported in The Osho Source Book, Ajit recalled: “When reading, Osho was looking at one page at a glance. He was always reading with a pencil in his hand, leaving marks in the book. He was so fond of reading and had spend so many hours on reading, six to seven hours a day, also borrowing books from a Jain library, Chouksey Mandir Library. When he was writing letters and manuscripts he was using his Parker fountain pen.

“In his later days he devoted 10 to 12 hours for daily study, and he had his own method of studying. Where he saw some very important point in the text of that book, he used to mark it with a red pen. And if it was some moderate meaningful text, he used a green pen. So in this way he categorized the important points by adding red or green points or some underlined headings.”

Later, Ajit married and started to work as an advocate. He only came to Poona once – with a marriage party. He visited the ashram and asked a question at which point Osho hit him hard. He never took sannyas but has remained a great admirer of Osho.


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