Voyages — 23 March 2016

…left her body on 18th January 2016.

John and Apsara

Yoga Shanti writes:

Atita Om Apsara first came into our lives a few years ago when Neehar, her boyfriend at the time, brought her to our center, the Osho World of Meditation Center in Seattle. After some time she asked to become a sannyasin – saying she didn’t even know it was possible to become one now! And it was she who chose such a wonderful name. She read over a list of possible names and came up with this one! Atita means “One who has gone Beyond” and Apsara means “The water that moves between the clouds”. She was very creative and, even though petite, she was a great gardener/landscaper. She took care of the lawn and trees of the Center as well as of many other properties on Whidbey Island, WA, USA, where she lived with her partner, John. Apsara and John met here at the center and so we all watched their connection grow in depth.

We love and miss you, beloved, but somewhere inside I get the sense you are finding a really creative and unique way to move onto new realms of existence.


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Beatrice the BirdI would like to also share something magical that happened when Apsara died. At the center we have a waterfall and a creek in the backyard area, and a heron always comes to visit at certain times of the year. When we started to inform people about Apsara’s passing and I was talking to a friend who loved her dearly, I looked out of our kitchen window and the heron was on our deck railing – she had never come up so close. She was sitting there and looking in at me, stayed there a while and then flew up a tree and continued to stare at me through the country door windows.

It was only a few days later that the thought crossed my mind that maybe it was Apsara’s soul in the heron. A friend told me that there are many stories of souls entering birds, butterflies and other animals. She sent me a link to an article where I read that, if the animal is behaving like it has never done before, it is a good indication that a soul has entered the body of the animal.

I didn’t see the heron again until John came over two weeks later; she didn’t come up all the way to the deck but hung out by the stream for a long time, then crossed it and turned her head to look at us. As she did so, I swear, it had the same grace and energy Apsara had. I mentioned these incidents at the memorial/celebration and other people confirmed they had had similar experiences with animals and death.

Yoga Shanti