Oneness Expressing in Millions of Ways


“In existence you cannot make clear-cut divisions, everything melts into each other, ” states Osho.

It is oneness expressing in millions of ways: as a man, as a rose, as a fish… it is the same life. And this is the mystery of life – that it can become a rose, and it can become a fish, and it can become a man, and it can become a buddha.

Osho in his garden Rainbow

This possibility of eternal manifestations, of infinite manifestations, makes life a joy, a song, a life worth living. If everything is explained, life will become very finite, very small, not worth living. It is the mysteriousness – you may be aware of it or not, but if you are aware, you can rejoice in it more clearly. It is the mysteriousness of life, it is its unknowability, its unpredictability, that makes it so juicy. If everything becomes predictable, mathematical, logical, life will lose all its glory and splendor.

Talking about contradictions, I would like you to know that you rejoice only in things which are beyond your comprehension. Once you understand them, you are finished with them. You cannot finish with love, because you can never understand what it is; it remains a mystery. The moment you know the formula of love – that it is just like H2O, you are finished with it. The moment you know the exact definition of meditation, you are finished with it.

The indefinable attracts. Life remains a mystery in spite of all the philosophers, all the theologians, all the scientists doing their best to destroy the mystery. It remains mysterious, and nobody is going to destroy its mystery, because no system can contain it. It is so vast that our systems are very small in comparison. Our systems are bound to be as big as our minds are, and our minds are not very big.

Osho, The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Oneself, Ch 8, Q 2 (excerpt)

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