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Osho Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body/Mind now as an app.

Osho Mind/BodyOsho Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body/Mind by Osho International Corporation
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Osho Talking to Your Body/Mind is an Osho Meditative Therapy. This meditative process is about making friends with your body. It is a guided meditation, a voice will guide you into communicating with your body and with your mind to support natural healing and harmony.

The Forgotten Language of Talking to the BodyMind

This process is especially developed as:

  • a simple, yet powerful guided meditation and relaxation process for relieving the symptoms of stress-related physical discomforts and pain — including such as headaches, sleeplessness, digestive problems, neck and shoulder pain and many other body symptoms
  • a method for deepening and harmonizing the body-mind connection, which results in an overall improvement in well-being
  • a process of befriending the body and becoming more sensitive to its needs, which in turn can help support other health-related programs such as diet and exercise
  • an initial 7-day process which can be repeated but also used on a daily basis according to our own structure

The roots of this simple technique can be found in the ancient teachings of China and Tibet. Now, these ancient techniques have been revitalized and updated for the twenty-first century according to the guidance of Osho.

This guided meditation is a process of being reminded of a language most of us have forgotten. It’s the language of communicating with our own body. To communicate with the body, talking to it, listening to its messages has been a well-known practice in ancient Tibet.

Modern medical science is only now beginning to recognize what the sages and mystics have always known: that the mind and body are not separate entities but deeply related. The mind can affect the condition of the body, just as the condition of the body can affect the mind. Osho has created many meditation techniques especially for today’s men and women. This guided meditation has been developed under his guidance.

Make yourself comfortable. Whatsoever posture you want to take in the chair, take. Close your eyes and relax the body. Just from the toe up to the head, feel inside where you feel the tension. If you feel it at the knee, relax the knee. Just touch the knee and say to the knee, ‘Please relax.’ If you feel some tension in the shoulders, just touch the place and say, ‘Please relax.’ Within a week you will be able to communicate with your body. And once you start communicating with your body, things become very easy.

The body need not be forced, it can be persuaded. One need not fight with the body — that’s ugly, violent, aggressive, and any sort of conflict is going to create more and more tension. So you need not be in any conflict — let comfort be the rule. And the body is such a beautiful gift from God that to fight with it, is to deny God himself. It is a shrine… we are enshrined in it; it is a temple. We exist in it and we have to take every care of it — it is our responsibility.

So for seven days…. It will look a little absurd in the beginning because we have never been taught to talk to our own body — and miracles can happen through it. They are already happening without our knowing it. When I am saying something to you, my hand follows in a gesture. I am talking to you — it is my mind that is communicating something to you. My body is following it. The body is en rapport with the mind.

When you want to raise the hand, you have to do nothing — you simply raise it. Just the very idea that you want to raise it and the body follows it; it is a miracle. In fact biology or physiology has not yet been able to explain how it happens. Because an idea is an idea; you want to raise your hand — it is an idea. How does this idea become transformed into a physical message to the hand? And it does not take any time at all — in a split second; sometimes without any time gap.

For example I am talking to you and my hand will go on collaborating; there is no time gap. It is as if the body is running parallel to the mind. It is very sensitive — one should learn how to talk to it, and many things can be done.

Osho, The Great Nothing, Ch 9

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