Public Meditation in Munich


27 April 2016, 19:00 h organised by Mahendra at Hofgarten, Munich, Germany.

Public Meditation Munich

We will meet for a silent meditation for 45 minutes in the Diana Temple of the Hofgarten, close to Odeonsplatz and will finish by singing a few mantras together. Afterwards we can get together in the nearby Café Tambosi.

Together we are showing love and presence amidst the fear, restlessness and propaganda, which are dominant in public life these days. Meditation creates a space of silence for all participants, independent of age, birth, nationality or faith. It is very simple to experience our own inner peace in a group and thereby add a little bit to external peace.

While sitting in meditation you can simply sit with closed eyes and observe the thoughts, the breath and other processes within you and listen to the outside sounds. You may also practice the Tibetan Heart Meditation or repeat a mantra of your choice. Whatever may happen, stay relaxed, enjoy and be the peace!

There have been many researches that meditation creates, allows and enforces certain brainwaves, which are experienced as joyful calmness. If meditators come together these waves can synchronise and the effect is multiplied.

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