Inauguration of Miasto’s warm water pool


Maharaj sent us a video of the new pool at Osho Miasto in Tuscany, Italy.

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The highlight of the Enlightenment Day Celebration, on 21st March 2016, was the opening of Sagar, a new warm water pool for therapy sessions and trainings. Many of Miasto’s friends had gathered for this very special occasion in the rolling hills of Tuscany, close to Siena.

Swami Prafulla spoke of Miasto’s history saying that Sagar was the original name of Osho Miasto Centre. Following the cutting of the ribbon a Champagne aperitif was served and everybody had the opportunity to take a walk through the new building.

I caught up with many old friends enjoying the most delicious food and cocktails in the restaurant and bar of the main facility at Miasto.

The evening White Robe Brotherhood preceded dinner, after which Prafulla’s magic mixing of dance music until midnight in Buddha Hall became a welcoming end to an exquisite and heartwarming day of meditation and reconnecting with friends and the sannyas family.

MaharajPrem Maharaj is a filmmaker and bodyworker living and working in Tuscany

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