Boxing Should be Banned


Osho states that entertainments should be a raising of our consciousness.

A California university has been surveying for one year and has come to the conclusion that every time there is a boxing match, violence in California increases immediately – thirteen percent more than the normal. The people who enjoy seeing boxing are really satisfying their own violence, getting excited.

Osho in garden

Why does the violence rate all over the state increase? And they have been studying only violence. They should study rape and other crimes too, and they will find an increase in every crime. Knowing this, why is boxing not made a crime?

It is a crime – a thirteen percent increase in the rate of violence for the following whole week. How many murders will happen? And who is responsible for it? And what do your politicians go on doing?

It is a simple understanding, that boxing should be banned. Can’t you find something, some entertainment that helps to make you more human, rather than making you more animal?

Boxing is dragging you backwards; but Muhammad Ali, and people like that, are your heroes. If Muhammad Ali and people like him remain your heroes, you are going to crucify Jesus. It does not matter whether two thousand years have passed or not.

Evolution needs a certain structure. It needs a certain education. It needs a certain sensitivity.
Entertainments should be a raising of your consciousness.

Osho, From Bondage to Freedom, Ch 10, Q 1 (excerpt)

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