Biancoshock: ‘WEB 0.0’

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A series of artistic works, mixing technology with tradition shown in a video.

Civitacampomarano is a small village in the province of Campobasso in Italy with just over 400 inhabitants, mostly elderly. A part of the country is uninhabited, and many houses have unfortunately collapsed: starting from this WEB 0.0 was born a series of works that mixes technology and tradition.

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In this village, rich in traditional folklore, the Internet is a partially unknown world: mobile phones have difficulty connecting to the network as the data connection is practically nonexistent.

The provocative idea is to show that these virtual functions, considered by the vast majority of the population as necessary and essential to everyday life, also exists in the countryside where the connection is poor: because there is a sort of ‘real life Internet’ demonstrating that in traditions and popular culture these means have always existed albeit in other ways, allowing people and families to enjoy cultural exchanges, meetings at the bar and living in the town’s streets.

Therefore, for example the telephone booth symbolizes the WhatsApp, now the main instrument of communication between people, the town board becomes the Facebook wall and the bench where you sit down to exchange a quick chat is Twitter.

Province of Campobasso
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The series WEB 0.0 is about 12 different facilities located all around Italy. The project was created for CVTA’ Fest – Civitacampomarano (CB), 2016, by street artists of international reputation – Biancoshock, David de la Mano, Hitnes, Icks, Pablo S. Herrero, UNO, the artistic direction of Alice Pasquini, Jessica Stewart, Milkshake Studio, Paolo Manuele, Barbara, Ylenia and all of Proloco Vincenzo Cuoco, Alessia Di Risio, Gabriele Rubini, Alberto Blasetti.

Foto © Biancoshock

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