…left her body on 10th July 2016.


Deva Mouna (divine silence) left her body surrounded by her mother Gundula, her sister Eva, and her long-term partner Madhupran in the city of Bonn, where she was born 47 years earlier, in 1968.

Mouna has been living in Denmark from around 1995, and was a member of the Osho Risk community. Her sannyas journey began in California where she had gone to study performing arts in the early ´90’s, taking sannyas at the Köln center in 1992.

Her lively personality endeared her to those who came to know her – she had a razor sharp mind, and a contagious laughter. She possessed a charming talent of switching from serious to light-hearted in a flash and was a lively and generous participant in community gatherings. Her wit, humour and sincerity were shared all around, and she had a natural gift for friendship.

She loved the Danish nature and countryside, and was especially happy to live near the ocean. She was a winter bather and member of the Viking swimming club in Aarhus. A gathering at Moesgaard strand, near Aarhus, was held recently by family and Danish friends, to be with Mouna’s spirit, surrounded by the water and trees, which gave her so much sustenance in between her gruelling hospital treatments.

She had found out about her breast cancer in 2011 and spent the next and final 5 years of her life courageously dealing with the medical ups and downs, her own inner journey towards her death, and at the same time living as fully as possible. Even as she knew that death was approaching, she teased her sister Eva about the significance of her name. She gave personal thankyous to close friends in the days before her death, knowing that time was short. In many ways, her leaving was undramatic, and she slipped away, accepting that she was moving house, and just let go into the unknown.

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Beloved Mouna. So happy to have been graced with your near presence for more than 20 years. Thank you. I love you and miss you and do my best to be envious as Osho asked all sannyasins at Vipassanas death. Thank you for your sincerity, your courage, your endless optimism and your tiredlessness: you never left a chance to face the inner reality and was more than ready for your transition. Your presence is strong everywhere now.
I have an egoistic hope to meet you here once again.
Love, love, love,

Working with her in the Risk kitchen was always chaotic and fun and that was the very quality I had to learn from her. She became much softer in the last few years and felt strongly connected with her in the silent moments. Thank you, Mouna, for your love and laughter.
Deva Yoko

Gute Reise und danke für die vielen kleinen Begegnungen!

Beloved Mouna, I love you deeply from here to eternity. I will always remember your beautiful being and precious heart, your friendship, your sincerity, your willingness to listen, your laughter and openness to always celebrate life. I have had the best times celebrating with you in the evening meetings, Osho’s White Robe Meditations at Osho Risk and in Pune. Thank you for taking your time visiting me in Sweden. It feels very strange writing these words as only a few weeks before you left your body I had a sudden urge to come and see you in Germany and was looking for flights… as it didn’t happen I will keep all the beautiful memories of your presence close to my heart. You were truly one of the best friends I’ve ever had. I will miss you… and trust that you are still wild and even more free now… Loving you,
Ma Pravasi

Dear Mouna,
I only know you from short meetings but I remember you as a beautiful silent person. I was shocked when I just saw the message that you left the body. I wish you all the best and I am happy to know you.
With lots of love,

Mouna – we worked together in Plaza Café in 2006. I remember your lively being and your straight will. It was such an intense and blissful time. Fly high, beloved.

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