The Dao of Aging

Healing & Meditation

Madhura speaks about her life, health, creativity and aging to Pankaja who recorded it on video.

Because I was in the press office I was running around all over, sometimes Delhi, sometimes Bombay, meeting the press, jiggering around in the marketplace, as it were, in the real world. I would just come back and sit quietly in the back of the ashram, in Jesus House garden, and stitch away. And THAT brought me home, home to myself.

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I have had wonderful opportunities standing in front of Indira Gandhi… and that’s all fabulous but right now I am actually just as happy to watch a bee sucking nectar from a flower and going on to the next one, and watching the wind in the leaves. That is just as nurturing and beautiful to me as all of that was.

Madhura would be happy to be contacted at dickesonmadhura (at) gmail (dot) com

Osho’s answer to Madhura’s question which she mentions in the video
This World is Just a Pilgrimage

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