…left his body today, on 5th September 2016.

Prabhu was the brother of Meera, Priti Yog, Dhyan Chaitanya and Asha, and son of Bhagwati. A beloved musician he has delighted those who had the pleasure to play with him and those whom he inspired to pick up an instrument. He lived in Sydney, Australia with his partner Geeti, together with whom he organised music and dance retreats, classes and private sound relaxation sessions. His published albums are: Simple Melodies, Hypnotic Rhythms, Overflowing Overtones and Ethereal Vibrations.

Prabhu died only days after he was present at an event. His sudden death was due to a fever and as a result from a heart condition he had had since he was child.

Full Moon Death Celebration for Prabhu Osoniqs will be held on 16th September, 12:30–15:00, at 61 Military Rd, Matraville NSW 2036, Australia –

Prabhu and H F cr Heather Frahn
harmonic project
Prabhu with Deva Yoko
Prabhu cr Sanjiva


Images credit to Campbell Wilson, Heather Frahn, Jagdish Bharti, Sanjiva, Marga and Hasina

When one is given the freedom to fly in the open sky, the destination is unknown. While enjoying the beauty of the journey, all of a sudden one can realise, Aha! Here I am.”

From early childhood Prabhu’s love for rhythm brought him to play drums. The dholak (Indian folk drum) was his first love and without any formal training he played it at various devotional and folk gatherings.

Prabhu was blessed to be born into a sannyas family. From his father he received the gift of ‘totality’ (meaning to offer your total energy to whatever you are doing). He started to explore creativity with dance, photography and music. He never missed an occasion to dance, embodying the rhythm to its fullest, almost to the stage of divine bliss.

Later he became part of Osho’s Commune in Pune. It was a place where he felt he could be true to himself and allow his soul to flower, a place where dedication was more essential than qualifications. He had the opportunity to explore creativity through photography, videography, choreography, design, theatre, dance and music. There he played rhythm for Kirtan devotional music, meditation, dance, east-west fusion and even for death celebrations; playing with New Age artists like Manish Vyas, Prem Joshua, Milarepa, Chinmaya Dunster, Miten and Deva Premal.

In 2006 Prabhu had a life-changing encounter with an UFO, or rather with an UMO (Unidentified Musical Object). An Italian friend had asked Prabhu to play tabla on an instrument he had brought with him. It looked very much like an UFO; it was a hang. (The hang, pronounced ‘hung’, was invented and produced by two Swiss musicians and artisans, Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in 2000.)

Love at first sight would be the wrong expression; for it was more like: “Yes this is it, the feeling of oneness!”

He then received a hang as a present in 2007 and from then on his musical journey expanded to new levels. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought that he would play melodies. Now for the first time in his life there was rhythm AND melody. His experiences in meditation and devotional music started to crystallise into compositions. Nature provided with an abundant source of inspiration; the rivers, the ocean, the moon, the birds, the bamboos… The only thing he needed was to tune in. Slowly, slowly he developed a new way of playing the hang, bringing out qualities of softness, wildness, flow, vibration ripples and overtone waves.

Zen temple

  Yoko and Prabhu in Zen Temple

The hang took him on a journey from festivals to meditation events, from dance to yoga classes, to schools and concerts. He even played in a pub in Australia and in a few ‘live houses’ (small venues with live music and drinks) in Japan; but due to the low alcohol sales, he never got invited back again. (Maybe musical intoxication was enough for the listeners?)

After playing the hang for a few years Prabhu became aware of the affects of the hang’s sound vibration on his body and in his life, and started also giving sound vibration session.

The journey continues…

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Dear Prabhu, I remember as if it was yesterday when during the day you were walking through the ashram with heavy cameras swinging around your neck and then in the evenings playing next to each other making big noises. There was always a big smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes. You fell in love with a wonderful instrument which will now make you fly even higher. With love, your

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Prabhu, the moment we met after a satsang with Osho there was an instantaneous connection between us. You were such a generous soul: with your heart, with your smile, with your music. You were the first ‘official member’ of Leela Community in Sydney. I will always be grateful that you were in my life and always be proud to call you a friend. I will never forget you.

Prabhu Osoniqs, we are so incredibly sad to lose you today. We Honour You Dear Soul, and your Incredible Musicianship, and Beaming Spirit. Your quiet and kind voice I can hear speaking the wisdom that you knew, and gave so generously to others.
The blessing of your music has made a positive difference to countless lives, and will continue to; the way you played music, the way you shone, the places of great spirit you travelled through sonic worlds to share with us will always be remembered. You are so very loved and treasured in our hearts.
Thank you dear friend and musical brother, for sharing the melody-spirit journey with me from time to time. Your influence on me and quiet words you said will stay with me always.
Words cannot express the honour I feel to have known you, and to have shared in the live creation of music with you. I believe you are one of the most incredible and important musical voices this country has ever had the honour of hearing.
I will always see you closing your eyes and playing the hang with such passion, flow, precision, and inner quiet. I will always remember you sitting next to me and feeling the sonic light just beaming off you! Thank you for giving us your unique and so special gifts.
We will miss you terribly. Fly free Prabhu, with the divine that you knew. Love always,

Open your wings and fly Prabhu!
I just found out an enlightened soul, who helped me on my journey, has passed on this morning. I am not really too sure how I feel – my heart feels like it has stopped beating and I just want to cry – I am so very sad that we have lost such an amazing, caring and giving soul!
We did not spend much time together but the time we did share was treasured – it was so very blessed that as we held hands and looked deep into each others souls, I could not stop the tears from rolling down my face (even though I was challenging myself at the time I was truly in a happy space).
Prabhu Osoniqs then met my Mum at a sound meditation session and gave her a gift of his sound CD to her, as it was her Birthday!
A truly inspirational soul who will definitely be so very sadly missed. Rest in Peace, my soul brother, and I hope to hug you soon as we zoom around the universe as star dust!

We met at Miroma, surrounded by people with profound physical and intellectual disabilities. Prabhu and I connected over our shared love for these folks whose spirits remained as perfect as the souls we all possess. Prabhu gave himself to them humbly through his music, overflowing warmth and wordless realisation. They loved his uplifting and healing presence, as did I. Your energy is everywhere, Prabhu, and the world is a better place for it. Thank you, xxxxx

Dear Prabhu, I remember as if it was yesterday the big smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes playing the hang at various events. Really devastated to learn of your sudden demise. May you rest in peace. Regards,

You were always such a joy to work with in the Commune, such a joy to meet. You always made me laugh. You gave so much of yourself. Thank you, dear sweet Prabhu.
Prem Parinito

Fly high my friend, Prabhu, I’m happy to have known you and glad you stayed with me while here in Freiburg a few years back. Thank you for being in touch with me every now and then, cherishing friendly moments and supporting each other on the journey of letting go. There is still that video from your last visit to my home a few years back. I hope your departure wasn’t too bad and you can have a little break from things for a little while. Love your way,
PS: I’m reminded of a cartoon where three recently-deceased angels wander on the clouds, constantly gazing theirs smartphones… One asks the other two, ‘How many R.I.Ps have you received by now on Facebook?’ Since I left Facebook a while ago, for all the good reasons, you are getting my R.I.P. here itself! Keep it up up there, buddy 🙂

Dear Prabhu,
We were neighbours, and didn’t get to know each other all that well. But you always lifted me up with your happiness, kindness, and selfless nature.
I am sorry that you have left us, but there is more beyond, and I wish you well.
You will be remembered,
Jack Seymour

your real stream of universe a journey is never ending
true words of yours when I took sannyas
so beautifully its happening as ever
love to your spark

Oh, that sucks!
Prabhu was a great guy and the first generation website designer par excellence!
Master artist.
Fan of Mac, Illustrator and Photoshop.
Those were the days when few surfed! They mostly used Netscape Navigator. Internet Explorer was just born. Most people didn’t know what was this Internet? Asang introduced us to the www!
Prabhu, a very nice soul… please convey my feelings to Asang.

Beloved Prem Prabhu,
You were my coordinator in the Pune 2 darkroom department. What a lesson for a lazy German to work with you, your easiness, heartfulness and tireless comittment to producing the Osho Times magazine and Osho’s books. Few knew that you and Pramod shuttled for years in Pune 2 several days a week between Pune and Mumbai – mostly at night to get the printing of His books organized in high speed! Once I asked about your seemingly endless energy. You gave me a big grin, explaining that you sat in Osho’s lap, when you were five years old – lucky you! By then we where friends and you accompanied me to Dr. Mody’s hospital, when I had an operation. You shared that Dr. Amrito saved your life some 25 years ago, suspecting rightly a dysfunction in your blood vessels and sent you for an operation. That gave us all the gift to see you bloom into a unique multi-talented artist.
Apart from your osoniqs music, you and Geeti wrote and produced a full length documentary Peace on wheels – to live about the disabled Japanese artist Hiroku Kimura. In 2011 you travelled to Europe with the Hang, and friends invited you and Geeti for a concert here at Osho Parimal in Witzenhausen. My feelings are with your mother, brother and sisters and Geeti. I feel the vacuum. The master tells us that “death is the door to the divine.“
Beloved brother on the path, you are now way on your journey, may you find it wide open. If by chance not, just pull out the Hang!

My Prabhu-ji, my publications brother… my family…
How is it possible I won’t see your smile anymore?
I love you Prabhu-ji – fly very silent and very very high. (I know you will.)
Love forever,

Prabhu, beloved friend,
Just got to know, that you are playing on the other shore now – I am touched. We did not meet since many years. But we worked together in Pune in Osho Publications for so long. I was then Osho Times production manager. You were working the darkroom. Ha, now you are in the light! Farewell beloved friend! Fly high. We will cry for you on my last day crying, leading Mystic Rose.
Forever in my heart.

We miss you Prabhu. You were the first job mate for me in Australia. We had a very long journey and we worked together on many projects till the last minute. Rest in Peace my bro.
Rama Dwarapudi

Fly high Prabhu, most beloved. So many happy memories, working together with you on the Osho Times all those years ago. Remembering our trips to Reproscan in Bombay to pick up the films and then back to Pune the same day to take them to Sangam Press so that the magazine could appear on time. What fun we had!
Divyam Sonar

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