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In an interview, Upadhi elaborates about the modality she has been teaching globally for more than 35 years.

What is prana?

Prana in Sanskrit means ‘energy that unifies the whole’. It also means vital breath. As recent medical and scientific studies have discovered, this vital energy permeates everything and is also present in the air.

Can prana be scientifically proven?

In recent years modern physics proved what mystics have experienced and shared.

Lynne McTaggart, in her book The Field writes:

“At our most basic level we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings, and all living things, are a union of energy in an energy field connected to everything else in the universe. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and of our consciousness, the alpha and omega of our existence.”

Add Bruce Lipton, a US cellular biologist, bridged science and spirit who writes in his book Biology of Beliefs:

“The continuing discoveries about the mechanics of chemical signals, including hormones, cytokines (hormones that control the immune system), growth factors and tumor suppressors fail to explain paranormal phenomena. The Spontaneous Healings, the Psychic Phenomena defy Newtonian biology. Quantum physicists discovered that the material atoms are formed by vortices of energy in constant vibration and rotation; each atom is like a spinning top in rotation, which oscillates and emits energy. […]

“Atoms are made of invisible energy not tangible matter. The universe is an indivisible whole dynamic in which energy and matter are so closely intertwined that it is impossible to consider them as separate entities.”

What is Osho Prana Healing?

Osho Prana Healing (O.P.H.) is the synthesis between western biopranotherapy, the Indian energy system and the human energy tradition, together with Osho’s vision. It was born in Osho’s ashram in the early 80’s. We can say that since time immemorial this kind of energy work has been practiced in all cultures, all over the world.

It is important to underline that the use of prana energy is not restricted to a few chosen people but that anyone who is ready to open the channel to receive the energy – and anyone can learn how to do that – can become a prana healer.

Prana Healing

How does Prana Healing work?

Prana Healing works on the physical body and the auric field through the vibrational quality of the pranic ray (the channelled energy which can be transmitted to another being). It is an electromagnetic field where waves of energy (like ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and brain waves) are directed to the receiver.

We all know that our body has a material consistency but we are often unaware that we also have an energetic consistency which is made from different layers that surround our physical body and interact with it. Apart from the physical body, there are six layers that form the auric field, the aura.

What can be healed with Prana Healing?

Prana Healing can support to overcome emotional, mental and physical imbalances. It can be integrated with a medical treatment, as prevention, cure, rehabilitation, but it can also become a tool for self-inquiry. Opening to this process can allow the energetic fire to burn whatever is superfluous in our psyche and help us re-connect to our true nature through relaxation, a space of presence and through a deep acceptance of ‘what is’.

The process also shows us how much vital energy we use in whatever activity we are involved in and recognise those situations and moments when we lose energy. With this method we have the possibility to increase our energy level. To have more energy available means on the one hand that we can live a more healthy and joyful life, full of vitality, and on the other hand that we can create serenity and relaxation in our personal and work life.

We also have a method that works with shocks. These treatments were created about 20 years ago and have been practised successfully since then. During this process we first re-experience the trauma or shock, bring them to light and finally shock or trauma are healed.

How did you become interested in Prana Healing?

Already as a child I was interested in the world of subtle energies. I began to listen to, experiment, and study this dimension while practising meditation. When I first met Osho in the 80s and came to the ashram, energy work was very much part of our daily activities: Asanga, an Indian sannyasin, held energetic events every morning in Buddha Hall and Osho gave energy darshans every evening.

I heard Osho speak on chakras and subtle bodies (my friend Chidvilas had asked many questions on the matter) and continued my interest by embracing what Osho was saying and what I experienced in my day-to-day life. I came to understand that to be ‘at the service of healing energies’ is simply part of being human. I discovered that while being connected to the healing energies they brought me to an empty space where my personality lost its predominance, where it was easier to observe my mental mechanism, where my heart could relax and beat at the same rhythm as the heart of existence and where I could be much easier in synchronicity with my fellow human beings.

Right after Rajneeshpuram closed, Chidvilas and I created Prana Healing in California, and when we were back in Pune we presented it in the ashram where it then flowered in the School of Mysticism and became ‘Osho Prana Healing’.

Over the years the Osho Prana Healing process went through many transformations and nowadays it has become a technique having the main aim to expand the vital energy (prana) through a series of meditations, specific exercises and methods that activate the pranic ray.

What happens in an Osho Prana Healing session?

The person receiving the session is lying on a massage table while the practitioner first gets in touch with their auric body and then starts to send the prana healing ray with the help of particular hand and arm movements to the various layers of the aura. At times, also the physical body is touched. During the treatment the practitioner can swipe away old blocks that are ready to be released and the recipient can get in touch with the origin of that imbalance.

What is the difference between Prana Healing and Reiki, Subtle Body Healing or other healing methods?

Osho Prana Healing provides a number of insights and tools that can be integrated in other techniques. For those who already use Reiki, Osho Prana Healing gives a further expansion and a deeper understanding into the movement of the subtle energies between practitioner and recipient. I am a Reiki Master myself and appreciate Reiki energy. As Osho Prana Healing works directly on the auric field the Reiki session will be deepened, and if we learn to understand the connection also with the energies that come from the hara, the practitioner will get a better grounding.

Osho Prana Healing and Subtle Body Healing, on the other hand, are two different processes. Nevertheless, in my opinion, they can be complementary. Subtle Body Healing works primarily with energy reading whilst Osho Prana Healing’s main concern is to become aware of our vital energy and the understanding that it can be transformed. Moreover, if they let go, receiver and practitioner can be immersed in a flow of high energy as soon as the session starts.

Can anybody become a Prana therapist? Or do you first have to be very healthy and fit?

Yes, anybody can become a Prana therapist, and no, you do not need to be healty and fit, although the healing energy that will go through you will help you to become fit and healthy. Healing is an act of love and love does not make distinctions. The training will go through a deconditioning and a rebalancing process so that the trainee can also get in touch with her/his true self and find a sense of wellbeing.

Why has this become your favourite therapy? What attracts you so much?

Over the years, while teaching Osho Prana Healing and giving sessions to others and to myself in a meditative way I have come more and more in touch with the emptiness inside me and discovered that ‘something’ which is larger than little ‘me’.

I learned that the phenomenon is very scientific: the less I am, the more energy comes through. Witnessing simply happens, aligning with the love of the universe, the dimension of acceptance, of letting things be as they are. In those moments the magic of life happens: the deepest healing that is understanding, relaxing in the moment, accepting oneself and life as it is. And that is available for both, recipient and giver.

I love Osho Prana Healing because it gives the possibility to become a channel for the universal energies.

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UpadhiUpadhi (aka Rita Maggi) was born in 1956 and studied to become a Biologist at Padova University. She saw Osho before ending her studies and took sannyas when she returned to Pune in 1980. In Rajneeshpuram she worked in the kitchen and then in the accounting departments; in Pune 2 she was part of the Mystery School and  continued her studies at Osho Academy of Sedona, Arizona, USA. Since 1996 she has been running her own O.P.H. school in Tuscany, Italy, and travels worldwide. as a teacher. oshoprana.org

The basic O.P.H. Training consists of 2 parts of 9 days each. It can then be followed by Master of Healing Shocks.
Upadhi also offers 2 Master classes that can be attended by anyone after interview:
– Master in Sound and Colour (together with Talasi – the next will be held at Osho Miasto on 15-23 Oct 2016) and
– Master in Memory Access (the 1st and 2nd part will be held at Osho Miasto on 11-19 March 2017)

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