…left her body on 12th September 2016.

Ma Prem Rangeeni was born into a family with seven children, so she learned from very early on to share and take care of others. Her friendliness, generosity, affection and sense of care stayed with her throughout her life and made her a beloved friend to many. Her playfulness and sense of humour perfectly suited her work with children with special needs; they adored her. That same sense of humour made a great success out of her private theater shows which she organised for friends and family, often in her own flat. Together with others she would clown, juggle and perform plays. Playfulness and creativity were a big part of her life.


In 1985 Rangeeni took sannyas in Rajneeshpuram, together with her beloved Suranga. For a few years they formed the nucleus of a group of sannyasins in Marburg, Germany, a small town but famous for its university. The Marburgians were used to students and weirdos but they still looked suspiciously at people in red and wearing a mala…

Rangeeni loved to travel and see new places; she visited, among others, Italy, India and Scandinavia. She enjoyed the different landscapes, new people and new experiences. Together with Suranga they had planned to spend several months in Pune over the ‘Millennium high season’, when he collapsed, having been struck by cancer before. Many will remember how brave she was, organising nurse, physiotherapist, doctors and finally transport back to Germany. They were living in a big flat in Yogi Park, always open to friends, and I remember the many gatherings there, the love, laughter, tears and tenderness around Suranga’s sickbed.

Rangeeni was just as brave when she herself was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago and had to go through pain, operations and chemotherapy. A big network of friends lovingly took care of her when she became weaker and weaker. After she had well organised her papers with her daughter and sorted out what should be given to whom she died alone in her sleep. At her farewell celebration, her daughter and grandson made a display of huge soap bubbles. Everybody felt they were both just like her: colourful, tender, dancing and fragile.

With many thanks to Parampara who submitted text and photos


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I met Rangeeni and Suranga in a very small airplane with 8 seats to Goa. Paripurna and I saw them on the Goa beach many times that week. Suranga playing his flute and Rangeeni with her shiny eyes, we looked at the immensity of the sky in the night, full of stars. Rangeeni with so much joy and so much love. Whenever we saw each other in Poona it was such a delight… I just hear from Paripurna that you left the body Rangeeni, and I can feel you around me. With sooo much joy. Now you will see your beloved Suranga. I still feel you, dear joyful beautiful woman. Thank you for all joy and softness you have transmitted. Your friend,

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