Inspired by the beauty of nature

Art Gallery

A slide show of Garimo’s stunning artwork.

Leaf Skeleton - World 3
Blue World 1
Happy Molecules
Blue World 2
Leaf Skeleton - World 2
Folding wall-hangings
3 Lotus Data
Butterfly 1 and 2
Lotus Code
Radiant Order
Seedhead 1
Macaranga Leaf 1
Macaranga Leaf 2
Starseed 1
Map of the Known Universe
Starseed 2
Water Structures 2

My paintings often reflect my interest in the spirituality of the organic mechanics of nature, in the graphic marks of the worlds of DNA, star orbits, circuit boards, movements of subatomic particles, the invisible cosmic links flowing through everything. Somehow it all shows up in my work, filtered through some inner vision beyond my control.

I never work from a concept, never plan or sketch. Usually I work with a fine line painted with a small brush on a colourful background, whether on a large canvas or paper. Once I am happy with the background I just start to fill it with line and let one thing lead to another. At that point it is a beautiful no-mind state and it flows easily.

At present I am very much inspired by the beauty of natural organic forms and patterns, the eggs, the seeds, pods, leaf skeletons, branching of plants. I love how the world is ordered on the microscopic level. I love how beautiful natural patterns are. The natural world never stops to amaze me.

My medium is mostly acrylic on canvas, with some smaller pieces on paper.

GarimoDeva Garimo (aka Eva Cockova) was born and grew up in former Czechoslovakia. After finishing her studies in Art School, she emigrated to Australia where she lived in Sydney and later in Byron Bay. Art has always been her thing and she has always been involved with art one way or another. She took sannyas in 1977 and later was in the Poona commune during its last 2 1/2 years, working mainly in “the darkroom” and later the bakery. She also spent some time on the Ranch and Poona 2. She now lives with her partner Arvind in Bermagui, a small beach town on the beautiful South Coast of NSW (Australia), where there has always been a lively sannyas community, enjoying her garden and working in her studio.

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