…left her body on 10th January 2017.


Ma Darshan (Walia) took sannyas in the early seventies and was always part of the Pune commune; whenever we visited, she was there. She contributed generously, and several times, to the publication of Osho’s books.

In one of the Hindi discourses Osho says: “Darshan is Bhairavi.* Her love for me is eternal. She will never ever leave me. Whenever I would look back I will always find her standing behind me.” She was often invited to sit with Osho when he had his meals.

In recent years, due to ill health, she moved back to Mumbai to stay with her husband. She was 86 years old when she died.

Friends say about her:

“She was always fun to be with and often invited friends for lunch or dinner; she was of a very sharing nature.”

“She lived her life fully. A very nice person with a good understanding, loving, laughing, enjoying.”

* “‘Bhairava’ is a specific term, a tantra term for one who has gone beyond. That is why Shiva is known as Bhairava and Devi is known as Bhairavi — those who have gone beyond the dualities.”

Text and photos thanks to Keerti, Jagdish, Priti, Chetna, Pragya, Hansa, Mega, Bhagawati

15.1.17: Notes completed and date of death corrected


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Dear Darshan, I remember your elegance, your grace. Fly high, beloved. You are loved by so many.

Oh Beloved, even Alzheimer’s can’t take the glow of love from your eyes. I have felt a special bond with you all those Pune years. You always had a kind word or a hug or a pat on the back whenever we passed each other. I see you dancing on the hood of the Rolls with all his beloveds in Hell! Fly High, Darshan!

Darshan, always sweet and loving, full of mischief and humor, fly on the wings of love!

Beloved Darshan ma,
I love you. Thank you for the fun times we shared and for all the sweet meals you made in your room for us again and again. And for the love you shared.
I celebrate and give thanks for you…
Love love love

Aaaaah, beautiful, beloved Darshan. A heart of gold and a devotion more precious than diamonds. You will always be remembered. Thank you for being you.

I will never forgot your loving way, touching and caressing my cheeks, when we were working together at the Welcome Center in Pune. Thank you Darshan. Love,

Ever smiling, ever eager to share many times bhel and panipuri with specially freshly made desserts for my whole family. She came with us once to the Himalayas by train and the taste of her Yogurt Rice is still lingering! During that trip, she will take charge of purchase officer with Sw. Krishna Bharti and her favorite Loki will be there with other items!
We were in Mumbai on the day of her final departure, but missed it. Bon Voyage, Lovely ? Loving ❤ Lady with the ever-smiling heart! Will meet, whenever it is destined. Lots of loving hugs from our family,
Sw. Anandkrishna

Beloved Darshan, my Indian “momma”! I just heard about your passing. I saw your picture. Heard your voice deep within. Then the sky opened from inside my body with effervescent ecstasy showering. You are gone, so you can be here. I am here, so I can be “gone.” The “Darshan” (The Meeting!)

Darshan ma,
So precious, so much the master’s love…

Lighting a candle for you, beautiful Darshan…
Your grace, presence and softness will always be in my hart.

“I did not want to take Sannyas,” she told me over dal and rice at her place in the 90’s. “I was wearing a salmon-coloured dress one day when He told me that it suited me very well. Catching me unawares he then placed one food on one of mine, gently so that I could not get away, placed the mala around my neck and said, “This is your new name…” Darshan, I love you,
Arjava, aka Frank Arjava Petter from Lesvos, Greece

I talked last with Darshan, who had ‘always been there’ as far as I remember, a few years ago in Pune. She was such a devotee and a beautiful person. I think the following question was from her to Osho but am unable to definitively confirm (from The Book of Wisdom, Ch 23, Q 3).

Beloved Osho,

In a deep embrace with You,
In orgasmic play with existence,
Little more of You,
Little less of me.

Darshan, that’s what is already happening to you. Every day you are disappearing — and it is so obvious. Every day something of you is evaporating: more and more, I am becoming your being. Soon Darshan will not be found there at all.

And that is the moment of great blessings — when the disciple disappears, when the disciple is only a vehicle of the master. And the master is nobody except the whole. The master is one who is not, the master is one who has already disappeared into God. The master is already a hollow bamboo and God is using him as a flute.

When the disappearance also has happened to the disciple, the first experience is that of meeting and merger with the master — because the disciple does not know what God is, he knows only the master. The master is his or her God. Once the disciple disappears into the master and allows the master to enter into the innermost core of his being, the second experience is that the master has never been there.

Hidden behind the master’s hands were God’s hands, hidden behind the master’s words were God’s messages. The master was only a singer, singing the songs of the infinite and the eternal.

Darshan, it is happening to you. I am utterly happy with you, all my blessings are for you.

You say: In a deep embrace with you, in orgasmic play with existence, little more of you, little less of me.

This is happening, this will go on happening. Your prayer is going to be fulfilled in this life. I can guarantee only for a very few people; it is very difficult to guarantee, but for Darshan I can guarantee: in this very life it is going to be fulfilled.

Prem Yatro

In sweet sweet loving memory to you,
Sw. Anand Riten

Darshan Ma, how to express the emptiness I feel with you gone. From our very first encounters at the main gate early in the mornings to Lao Tzu gate gossips to your many meal sessions I always felt like your privileged son. Thank you for the abundant love you showered on me. It helped the flower bloom. With love, respect and joy I bid you goodbye??

Dearest Darshan,
Just now I see that you have gone, my dear friend, who always greeted me with such love and that beautiful smile of yours. So many moments shared in my years in Pune and I hear your soft gentle voice in my ear, beloved one. Thank you for all those gifts. I hope you are in a place of peace and bliss. Fly high. In love,
Pankaja (Scottish now in Germany)

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