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The mystery isn’t going away – on the contrary, more and more elaborate and stunning ‘drawings’ appear in fields, more often than not in the British countryside. Article by Bhagawati.

Ever since the first more crudely looking crop circles appeared in the 1970s (in England at the time), self-styled ‘experts’ have been screaming “Hoax!” and tried with missionary zest to prove that said formations were made by humans in the middle of the night, flattening the crop with simple broomsticks and pieces of string.

people-in-circleI don’t think so. Those circles are huge – here an image showing some people in a small circle of a much larger depiction. Anybody trying to make people believe that an entire rather complicated formation was made within a few hours in the dark by a few people just for fun must think people are very gullible, but maybe most are.

Since 2000, crop formations have increased in size and complexity; some have up to 2000 different shapes and can reach several hundred feet in diameter (100 feet = 30.48 metres).


A design at Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England, measured more than 900 ft in diameter, featuring 409 circles in a circular spiral. The sizes of those circles ranged from 1ft to 70 ft in diameter. It appeared overnight and is considered authentic, meaning unexplained. And what precision!

Of course there is also the lobby of those who believe the crop circles are made by aliens – with UFO’s that hover close to the wheat and blast it with some hot air to flatten it into patterns. Or the aliens might not even bother to enter Earth’s atmosphere and rather beam energy from outer space. One wonders why they love England so much for those exercises but this country was always rife with fairies and other small people and maybe they are in some way related to those in the UFO’s – same tribe but separated once upon a time. In short, nobody knows why the circles are being made, who is making them, and what the message is – if there is any.

The study of crop circles is called Cerealogy and if one has time on one’s hands, the internet is full of information, photos and videos showing both proof and debunking theories. Visiting the crop circles has been dubbed ‘Mystical Tourism’; people standing, sitting, or lying in the flattened bits have reported energy phenomena. I shall not venture out into that particular field but no doubt, those crop circles are real. They are beautiful, haunting even and surely are there to tell us something.

We are showing here a 2016 appearance in Ansty, Nr Salisbury, Wiltshire, in its symmetry and harmony. Whatever it depicts, whatever it is saying, it cannot be figured out with the mind. But maybe, if we look at it long enough with an open heart, we may ‘innerstand’ the message it might hold.

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