Sambodh discovers an interesting scientific fact.

Nadhabrahma was the first Osho meditation I ever did, on a very hot Adelaide summer day in the Rajneesh centre called Premdweep. I had come down from the Adelaide Hills on my own, and was instructed in the technique by a beautiful young woman called Sugandha. She left me alone with the music in a large airy hot room, and my hands proceeded to swell in an utterly unaccountable way as I hummed then moved them in the great circles of offering and receiving. I was hooked for life! That was 1979 and I was 31.

Nadabrahma at Berlin Osho Studio

Last year at the age of 68 I discovered during a Breathing Retraining course in Byron Bay that there were mysterious caverns in the head adjacent to the nose called paranasal sinuses which produced that magical vasodilatory gas called nitric oxide, NO. If I breathed nasally, then minute amounts of this gas entered my lungs with every breath and both dilated my bronchi and also killed viruses and bacteria in my airways. Exciting enough reasons to change my breathing patterns!

This year I was revisiting the 1995 research on this discovery, thanks to free online PubMed, and I made the extraordinary discovery that humming at the same time as nasal breathing produces a massive efflux of nitric oxide from the sinuses into the airway, to such an extent that this has become a diagnostic tool in cases of sinusitis where production of NO is defective. The Swedish researchers sum up their findings:

“A more provocative view on humming is that it might by itself help to prevent or resolve sinusitis. The mechanism would simply be that humming speeds up the gas exchange in the sinuses enormously so that fresh air can enter, thereby preventing the pathological processes associated with reduced oxygen levels… It should be noted that during silent nasal breathing the time it takes to exchange all sinus gases is between 5 and 30 min and much longer in patients with partly obstructed ostia. With humming, this occurs in one single exhalation.”

So the claim that Nadhabrahma is an ancient Tibetan healing meditation is totally vindicated with cutting edge physiological research in the past twenty years. I’ll hum to that!

Nitric Oxide and the paranasal sinuses”, Lundberg, JO, Anat. Rec. 2008 Nov; 291 (11) 1479-84 –

Text by Sambodh – photo credit to Osho Studio Berlin

SambodhSambodh took sannyas in Adelaide on Valentine’s Day 1980 and saw Osho later that year. He visited the World Celebrations on the Ranch, lived in the Sydney commune, then moved to a 50-acre farm in the hinterland of Byron Bay. Sambodh and Satyammo conduct a weekly free-form singing circle and are part of the local dance community. The cattle, dams and forests on the land contrast with writing software.

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