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Sarita reviews a book by Allison Armstrong: “Radical, positive transformation of our relationships will certainly happen as we embrace the wisdom contained in these pages….”

Queen' s CodeThis book is a must read for any woman who loves men, for any woman who has become disillusioned with men but who wishes she could love men, and for any woman who hates men and loves nothing better than a good bout of ball-crushing. If you read this book with sincerity and open-mindedness, you and your relationships with men will certainly be transformed for the better.

Allison Armstrong has done a very clever piece of magic through the writing of this book. It has taken her many years of experience in the field of personal transformation with couples, with women and with men, and turned this into a novel / personal development course. It is a very unique concept.

The basic concept of the book is a simple deduction that many women, instead of turning frogs into kings, will take a king and transform him into a frog through various ball-busting ways of being. Allison calls this ‘frog farming’. Essentially, we women have a tendency to regard men as hairy, misbehaving women and try to get them to conform to our ideas of how a woman should be rather than supporting him to be the best man he can be.

The premise on which this book is based is Allison’s long experience of working with both men and women. She has a great gift for defining exactly how a woman can de-condition herself as a frog farmer and create a new way that helps men to discover his kingly nature and to discover her own queen nature, a win/win for both!

In essence, man is a provider, and this book helps women to discover the great blessings which will ensue if we learn to allow our man to provide for us. He really wants to, but the path may have become tangled with so much confusion that he has lost his way. If as women we take responsibility for clearing away our own confusion and wrong habits in male/female relations, our man will automatically respond with a new-found desire to please us, above all else.

Radical, positive transformation of our relationships will certainly happen as we embrace the wisdom contained in these pages.

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