Prem Wilfried


…left his body on 24th February 2017.

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Chandana (aka Kalpana) writes:

Prem Wilfried (Wilfried Maier) was born in a small village in the Allgäu region, Germany, as a farmer’s son.

I met him in 1977 in a shared house at the Groschenweg in Munich when he was not yet a sannyasin. Although he had studied to become a surveyor and worked for a couple of years in the profession, at that time he was already a taxi driver – a job he had for the rest of his life. He always drove at night and slept in a darkened room during the day.

When I met him again, in 1980, he already wore a mala.

In 1983 he became father to a daughter with whom, to his great chagrin, he could never live together.

For many years, Wilfried enjoyed visiting the sannyas centres at the Amalienstrasse and Klenzestraße as well as the sannyas disco near the “Platzl” in Munich.

He started to smoke only at the age of 30, but from then on intensively; he also liked to drink beer or red wine and loved to listen to music by candlelight. He loved women, dancing, the sea and the island of La Gomera. He was a romantic, although he did not look like one at first. He lived for many years in a shared house at the Ganghoferstrasse. Since 2000 he lived alone in a 2-room apartment in the Munich city district of Berg am Laim.

We became a couple only in 1994 – for eight years. Then we parted ways until we met again in November 2015.

Wilfried suffered from pancreatic cancer with liver metastases and left his body in a Munich hospital. I cared for him constantly during the 3 ½ months since his diagnosis, and spent the night before his last night, when he was already in a coma, in his hospital room.

He was a very meditative person.

Fly high, Wilfried, fly high!

Mega writes:

I knew him in the 80’s when I was a door keeper at the Far Out Disco. He was a taxi driver and would often come. I last met him a few years ago at our Osho Tribe Reunion in Munich. So sorry to hear this.

Rashida writes:

I lived together with him in the early 80’s. I remember when he was cooking his morning eggs; I could hear them dancing in the boiling water. I had an easy time with him; there were two more people living in the same flat. Yes, Willi now, wish you a peaceful travel to a higher space.

Ramabhajan writes:

Prem Wilfried enjoyed a sauna almost every week, visiting friends, meditating at home and going out. He was very correct with his relationships. He loved his old sannyasin friends with whom he took trips to water sources and to various events. Always enjoying life pure. Wilfried was a great cook; he loved to serve his delicious food which he prepared full of heart. He was never aggressive; he was always cool, calm and conscious – a good man. He loved nature and he always had a helping hand. We had so much laughter together. He could really be funny. He was so alive and natural – his soul can fly easily.

Photos credit to Ramabhajan and Chandana – thanks for the alert go to Rashida, Ramabhajan and Mega


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