What Is Is

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (92)

I received your letter.


Do not fall into the whirl of calming the mind;
this in itself is the restlessness.
The mind is what it is, accept it as such.
This acceptance brings peace.

Rejection is restlessness, acceptance is peace –
and he who reaches total acceptance attains to God.
There is no other way than this.

Understand this well
because this understanding brings acceptance.
Acceptance cannot come from an act of will –
the action of will is itself non-accepting;
I do conceals non-acceptance
because will is always of the ego.
Ego cannot live unless fed by rejection.
Acceptance can never be brought about by action,
only understanding life can bring it about.

Look, look at life.
What is is, it is as it is.
Things are such – do not ask for them
to be otherwise
because they cannot be even if you so desire.
Desire is altogether impotent.
Ah, how can there be restlessness without desire?

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