Work should be a worship


The question is if your ego disappears into meditation what will happen to your work.

If it is a profession it will disappear, and it is good that it disappears. Nobody should be a professional. Your work should be your love; otherwise the work becomes destructive. Then somehow you drag it and your whole life becomes dull. Your whole life becomes empty in a negative sense, unfulfilled. You are doing something which you never wanted to do in the first place. It is violent. It is suicidal – you are killing yourself slowly, poisoning your own system. Nobody should be a professional. Your work should be your love; it should be your prayer. It should be your religion, not your profession.

Osho Discourse (22)

There should be a passion flowing between you and your work. When really you have found your vocation, it is a love affair. It is not that you have to do it. It is not that you have to force yourself to do it. Suddenly you do it in a totally different way you had not known before. Your steps have a difference dance, your heart goes on humming. Your whole system functions for the first time at the optimum. It is a fulfillment. Through it you will find your being – it will become a mirror; it will reflect you. Whatsoever it is – a small thing.

It is not a question that only great things become vocations no. A small thing. You may be making toys for children, or making shoes, or weaving cloth – or whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you love it, if you have fallen in love with it, if you are flowing with no reservation, if you are not withholding yourself, if you are not dragging – dancingly moving into it – it will cleanse you, it will purify you. Your thinking by and by will disappear. It will be a silent music, and by and by you will feel that it is not only work, it is your being. Each step fulfilled, something in you flowers.

And richest is the man who has found his vocation. And richest is the man who starts feeling a fulfillment through his work. Then the whole life becomes a worship.

Work should be a worship, but that’s possible only when your being starts to be more meditative. Through meditation you will gather courage. Through meditation you will gather courage to throw the profession and to move towards the vocation.

Osho, Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega Vol. 7, Ch 6, Q 4 (excerpt)

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