Flying high in the toolshed


During a building crunch in Rajneeshpuram, something beyond words happened, writes Bhagawati.

It was a chilly night in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon. Our community was going through yet another building crunch: the construction of Hotel Rajneesh needed to be finalized by a certain date because of legal complications involving land use laws that would render the hotel illegal. All of us were working late if not through the night.

I was driving a pick-up truck, transporting air conditioning ducts from the assembly factory to the hotel’s building site. In between there was nothing to do but sit silently in the cab, waiting for the next call.

At some point during that night I was told that the ducts I had just loaded were the last lot to be transported. Upon arrival at the site and unloading said ducts, I had a peek into the makeshift toolshed where Kaveesha was occupied with arranging and sorting all kinds of tools for workers to pick up when needed on site.

Bhagawati and taxi
Cable pile
Used tools

She looked tired, I was tired, it was about midnight, and a bunch of tools had just been returned and needed to be cleaned and put in their proper niches. There were also grimy bundles of electric cables piled up in a corner that begged attention.

It took a moment to perceive the sorry state and we looked at each other, communicated a mutual understanding and then worked in tandem, cleaned every tool and stored it, rubbed down those cables, rolled them up neatly, until the area looked like a perfect display of new tools in a store! And we laughed and joked a lot too.

Workers coming in to pick up supplies were blown away and commented not only on the neat display but about the love that they felt was put into those tools, and all the while we were enjoying ourselves so much, we were flying high deep through the night towards early morning!

During that night I felt Kaveesha and I had experienced an incredible revelation that connected us deeply, beyond words.

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