We are part of one organic universe


Oneness is the goal of all true religion, asserts Osho.

Just a single experience of the inner world
is enough to reveal the fact that the ego is a falsity,
that we are not separate, that we are one,
that we are part of one organic universe.

Osho 11

That oneness is the goal of all true religion.
You can call that oneness moksha, nirvana, God,
or whatsoever you like, but oneness of the whole existence.
The trees, the rocks, the stars, the people, the animals,
the birds – they are all one.
It is one life manifesting in millions of ways,
one ocean waving in millions of waves, but one ocean.
Each single wave has no separate identity.

Osho, Theologia Mystica, Ch 9, Q 1 (excerpt)

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