To be locked in security is suicide

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (96)


Osho leading a meditation camp

This is a good beginning to the struggle
and I am glad to have pushed you into it.

Sannyas is a challenge to the world,
a fundamental declaration of freedom.
To live in freedom every moment is sannyas.
Now, insecurity will always be with you,
but that is a fact of life.

The only certainty is death and life is insecurity,
and that is its joy and its beauty.
To be locked in security is suicide,
a living death effected by one’s own hand.

Such living-dead are everywhere,
they have turned the world into a graveyard,
and they number amongst them many celebrated corpses.
They all have to be awakened, though for their part
they are trying to put back to sleep even those who are awake.

Now the struggle will go on and on.
In it your total resolution will be born.
Far off I see your destination –
the other shore.

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