Swami Prem Rajo


…left his body on 25th June 2017.

Rajo in restaurant
Rajo with Upeksha from Brazil

Samai writes:

Many of us might know Rajo from Poona 2 where he gave great shiatsu sessions. He had been trained in Japan where he had lived for many years.

In the mid 90s he came to Southern France. I remember that he was a very good macrobiotic cook. In 1996 he lived in my house for a while. I have not seen him much these last years but I hear from Shakta and Dhyan Pascal that he had lived in a yurt, travelled to Brazil, lived there for a while and returned to France. He was part of a little Buddhafield in Ariège and always came to the meditation gatherings.

Rajo left his body peacefully in the hospital where he had been admitted a week prior to his departure. He had been diagnosed with leukemia, and refused to take morphine after the initial unsuccessful chemotherapy. Shakta and other friends went to visit him at the hospital. Mamta and Vimalesh meditated with him with during the evenings. Rajo said, “This is easy,” and added “there is no more life energy in this body.” He was 76 years old.

Shakta and Dhyan Pascal had organised a celebration for Rajo at the end of June.

Mamta writes:

Vimalesh and I came to see Prem Rajo to be with him for his last days. We found him with a very beautiful face; he was smiling and had a very light energy. He said he wanted to leave, because his body had no vital energy left and no hope to be cured. He said goodbye to his girl friend, Upeksha. He was very tired and could not speak much… could not eat either… He did not want to have painkillers. The nurses said he was suffering very much and could not be moved. But he did not complain. He said he was ready to go; he felt he was taking off two days before but came back.

We meditated with him. Vimalesh took his hand and afterward Rajo said, “It is easy finally.” (to go) As we left him, he looked grateful, with a big smile. Before going to sleep he said to his neighbour, “I am going to spend the best night of my life!” He left during the night…

We organised a meditation for him with some sannyasin friends, went to see his body and sung some mantras. His energy was very beautiful. His sons from Switzerland and from Japan came for the cremation. It was very touching to see them and to hear them speak about Rajo. He was a big heart sannyasin. 30 years ago he saved us from drowning in Goa!


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Goodbye, our beloved friend, we have been blessed to be with you on these precious days, we keep you in our hearts.
Ma Veet Mamta & Sw Prem Vimalesh

Go well, my fellow sanyasin! May the light embrace you in its cocoon of peace and bliss.

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