Infinity Lessons


TJ Chill featuring Prem C (video and lyrics).

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Infinity Lessons – TJ Chill featuring Prem C
By TJ Agard for KAOS Productions and Prem C and DJ Rumple
Taken from the TJ Chill album Cool Like Pacino on Black Pyramid Recordings

The money holder rolled the snake eyes for the stake guys
He should have stacked on 24 but yo he stacked on 25
But you live and learn
Money you earn can burn
Spectator speculates when it states it’s his turn
Laminated gold well hit the high notes go soprano
There are no – rules to this game
Not that I know!
Key players in the global market assessment strategy 2,000.002
But yo what’s in it for you?!
Cause when I drop like stalactite you’re up like stalagmite
Four corner floor centre floor open mic right?
Spark the light
Visions of fury you lure me you saw me
Drop in history like Madame Curie but surely
My poison pen paints poignant pictures
Combobulated quotes from Egyptians scriptures
Now! Wheel and deal like a poker club owner
One moment of madness and that **** was all over
Court martial marshall justice for martial artist
What is this? A twist like a horror novelist?!
Well I squeeze subtle suggestions into your mind’s eye
I fly by and spray then bounce like a drive by
My flyer says I must make the guys wiser
Surprise ya with Kilburn’s Benjy Zephaniah

Infinity Lessons.
As the circle expands our consciousness becomes enormous
Multi coloured kings and queens universal fortress
Flawless movement stepping through the puddles of time
Riddles undefined watching centipedes wobble through the shrine
A thirst for trouble on your mind
Burst your bubble and make you blind for love we’re trying to find
New design Apollo high tech transparent vehicle
Futuristic arrow tongue stung as it flew inside your heel
Who’s behind the veil trails of cosmic dust
I trust in god as I penetrate deep in to the crust
Of the earth planet hopping sole shocking shaking solar systems
Glisten gallop over galaxies the leprechauns listen
Lizards and Decepticons reprogram their position
Transformation of the wizard vision butterfly kissing
You can feel my craft working you ran but the past is still lurking
The other half see disaster smirking
Perk yourself up when you die your just undressing
And now it’s time to go back to the essence
There’s a lot to learn so I study my lessons.

Prem CPrem C –
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