Rajneeshpuram in black and white

Remembering Here&Now

Nandan recently discovered photos that were taken in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA, mostly during the first years of the commune.

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Some time ago I found in my father’s cellar all my old photos from the Ranch. I very much enjoyed looking at all these so familiar sceneries with lots of memories coming up.

Veggie chopping in Magdalena
Building steps
Kids' school
Let me have a bite!
At the kids' house
Chiyono Beauty Parlor
Boutique at night
Celebration in the hangar, later called Vimalkirti
Ghachchamis in Mandir
Playing downtown for Osho's drive-by
Playing the tambourine for Osho
Celebration day at the Mall

Most of them I had bought on my last day in Rajneeshpuram. Just before leaving I saw this big table in front of the Mall with lots of photos; somebody from Naropa, the publications department, was selling them for quite a low price. And since I have inherited the love for photos from my father I could not resist. My father regularly took pictures of the whole family and once in a while we sat down – especially in his last years – and together looked at the big old photo albums, enjoying seeing ourselves from years ago… So, I just had to go for it and buy all the ones I liked.

The Mall
Downtown, first year
Townhouses, getting ready
Krishnamurti Lake almost full
Working on the dam
Old barn with old sheds
Road Mandir to Magdalena
River restaurantion work
A creek
Dam with snow
Rabiya Dairy Barn
Near Surdas truck farm
Harvesting fields
Rafting on Radha River

Now, hoping that you will also enjoy them like I do, I gave them to Punya to share them with everybody.


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