Kartar singing a ballad between Vimarsh and Ananddeva

Swami Anand Kartar (Pierluigi Rivolta) was an architect and inventor. He was a well-known personality in the city of Milan, Italy, mainly in the construction business. In 2005 he co-founded the Shantisaburi (Shantideva) Osho Meditation Center. As an inventor, he patented several ideas, among which a sort of flying saucer, designed in order to solve traffic problems in big cities. He was a really visionary man.

He also wrote a book (Soliloqui di un uomo, Soliloquies of a man), a philosophical essay in the form of a dialogue between the most intuitive part of himself and his sceptical mind. His final vision was a commune based on sharing resources and skills.

Kartar loved practising meditation, especially Kundalini Meditation. He was a sweet and wise man who made everybody feel good around him.

Kartar died peacefully and without pain, while watching a video of Osho. He never lost his sense of humour and the vibrations around him were always light and empathetic.

text by Ananddeva and Vimarsh

www.shantisaburi.it – www.a4a.it

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In this video Kartar is singing his song ‘La Ballata di casa Barbieri’, where he describes the village where he spent weekends with his wife and family:

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