The moment when you open your mouth

Hot Chillies Osho on Laughter

Osho, do you find your jokes funny or are you catering for our sense of humour?
P.S. We love them!

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To me the whole life is a joke and I find everything funny. It is all so ridiculous.

But remember, I am not catering for your sense of humour. I never cater for you in any way. And if I tell a joke it is simply a trick because it is only during the moment when you open your mouth that I can help you swallow something. It is just a device. Your mouth is open and you are unaware. I can throw in something! It really goes in. Your mind is no longer functioning, your thoughts are no longer there.

When you laugh, the mind disappears. In laughter, mind cannot exist – for a moment there is a gap, and I seek that gap. That gap is of tremendous importance because only through that gap can I make a contact with you.

Osho, Sufis: The People of the Path, Vol 1, Ch 8, Q 6

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