Om (aka Omprakash)


(22.11.1957 – 21.9.17)


While living in Mumbai, Swami Om Bharti (aka Omprakash Narsimha Rao) came into contact with Osho through Osho Sagardeep Meditation Center in the posh area of Walkeshwar and, in 1978, took sannyas from Osho.

In 1979 he went to work in Kuwait at the Mercedes Benz car company and remained there for a few years. When Osho came back to India, Om followed him to Pune and worked for a while in the commune bakery and later in the pottery at No. 4 which he enjoyed till it closed.

He was a very loving and caring person. Lately he wanted more and more time to be with himself for meditation and listening to Osho.

His funeral took place on 22nd September at Banganga, Malabar Hills in Mumbai. It was his wish, shared by him earlier, that when he passed away he should be bid farewell at Malabar Hills where he used to reside in the past.

Text and photos thanks to Anil Vora, Mouna Anand, Suraj Solanki, Mega


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Beloved Om, with your deep voice and Enfield smile, remaining in our hearts, nice memories we shared… Thank you and good bye… ?

Om, my love to you! I always enjoyed meeting you and chatting with you. I wish that the wings of love and joy will guide you, as they did in your life. Your friend,

My beloved Om, your departure is too painful. To imagine life without you is unbearable. Because of you I discovered the beauty of Maharashtra, riding your motorbike behind you on long trips and exciting adventures. You were my buddy, my closest friend, whom I fought with sometimes and cooked meals other times. Remembering you is remembering my beautiful India. May your spirit keep flying high and high, my OM.
Ma Prem Saarasa aka Dina Awwad

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