The sky is looking at me


From Suha’s series ‘Beware: Slippery…. Sacred Ground – Small flashes of real life’.

Water and Sky by Sanjiva

I live in Pune, in a private street where there is little traffic, and when I go up into my terrace I marvel at the silence in which nature is immersed. The birds circling in the sky do not make any noise. The great palm trees that dance to the soundless sighing of the wind are silent. The sun, the moon and the stars rise, set and shine noiselessly. Flowers open and explode quietly.

Is the growth of the trees announced by an advertising poster? The celebration that I feel coming from the deep clods of the earth is wordless, but then I find the same silence in the singing of birds, the patter of rain, the roaring of thunder, the fragrance of flowers, the babbling of brooks, and the constant lapping of the sea.

The sky too, timeless and unmoving, penetrates silently into every place and thing, from the inside and outside. Words are not enough to describe my love for it: its mystery attracts me like a magnet and its quiet beauty fascinates me.

“When I look at you, sky, above me, how I wish I were you!”

What is driving me to write these lines, and what does being “sky” mean for me?

It seems to me that I am suspended upside down in the void of life, because it is in the sky that I impudently thrust my roots: the sky is ancient, but always fresh, free, never changing, never getting old. It is blue and immense even when it is hidden by clouds, and I have looked at it so much that, without my realizing it, it has become a connection with infinity. To be sky, only for the freedom of existing. And I feel that my body, like a faithful companion, will leave me free to join it when the time comes.

I experience the sky as a witness of my existence and of all life on this earth, but also as a protective cape. Undoubtedly life would not exist without it! It astonishes me because it protects everything without judging, interfering or encouraging. Consider clouds, for instance. The sky is where they find their reason for existing: without any visible roots, but restrained by infinity, they move in all directions, merrily, in a lively elegant fashion dancing silently and in slow motion, disguising themselves in all sorts of unexpected ways.

Clouds, too, have led me to ponder on what I am doing in this grand symphony.

Isn’t it true that I feel rooted in a void that has an earthlike flavour, without a family, without a homeland, propelled in no visible direction by the mysterious breath of life but at the same time also protected by infinity? Undoubtedly, when I’m left on my own, insecurity is my companion; but, perhaps also thanks to my age, I can live without goals to be reached, ideals to be defended, projects to be supported. Luckily, by now everything changes so quickly inside and outside that I do not have the time or momentum to get attached to anything.

But how amazed I was when for the first time years ago, during a guided meditation, we were asked to go through our third eye into our inner sky, which is as immense as the one outside us. Who could ever have imagined that we could contain the whole universe? I remember now that Osho, when he was invited to go out and admire the flowers planted for him in Oregon, replied that he saw much lovelier flowers with his eyes closed! Wow! The senses that look inside are indeed a reality to be explored!

So in the meantime I observe the clouds as friendly aerial presences, and feel that, like them, I am allowed to do anything I like under this sky; and I can at last complete my lines:

“As you look at me, sky, so I wish I could look at myself!”

First published in Osho Times – translated from Italian by Marta Innocenti

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Illustration by Sanjiva –
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