A picture of the sun – is not the Sun

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A letter from Neeraj about the recent European decision to accept the sign OSHO® as a branding / trademark for products and services.

Beloveds, Love.

This letter is about the recent European decision to legally accept the symbol or sign OSHO™ as a branding/trademark for products and services offered in zen master Osho’s name. My understanding is that such a symbol or ‘brand’ is meant to indicate to a consumer that these products are approved by the Osho International Foundation as being in congruence with the master’s vision, indications and suggestions.

The sign or symbol OSHO™ as a trademark or brand allows the purchaser or consumer of these products and services which are marked with this symbol to indicate and insure – that is to say, not to warranty but to increase the probability – that these products are authentic, and to increase the chances that these are fitting with zen master Osho’s indications, preferences and suggestions for those products or processes, to facilitate meditation in accord with the vision this master has shared in his talks.

One of the uses of language in this way is as an indicator of authenticity for the consumer: OSHO™.

The other indicator, “Osho”, is a handle (naming, reference, word) which we sannyasins use to refer to the felt sense of the no-thing-ness, spacious silence and emptiness dancing that is the direct experiencing of the energy of this beloved enlightened mystic poet and zen master Osho.

My understanding is that in this master’s sangha we also use the sound “osho” as a shout-mantra in the Evening Meeting Meditation created by Osho, and as a sound for going deeper into a healing relaxation and connection, in the meditative therapy called ‘the forgotten language of the body/mind’, as well as, for a reminder that the essence of the master is Oceanic, which some have used as a root meaning or definition of the word, osho. We have heard zen master Osho use the word and meaning of “oceanic”, to refer to enlightenment – to the drop or the wave not being part of the ocean, but one with ocean – or oceanic.

There seems to be no difficulty whatsoever as far as my understanding, that an arrow, an indication, a symbol, a picture of the sun – is not the Sun. A picture of the sun has nothing to do with heat and light – the Sun is the direct experiencing of heat and light!

Does anyone really have experiential difficulties in distinguishing or telling them apart: a picture of the sun and the actual experiencing of the Sun Star?

One is representative, a mental construct, a container – a picture: OSHO™.

The other is a delight and a force that can burn your mind away: “Osho!”

All the best.

With Love,

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