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Bombay HC no to CBI probe into Osho will

Pune police filed a report to close the court case about the allegations that a will, attributed to Osho, was forged. Published in The Times of India on October 12, 2018.

Osho: Can the name of an India-born spiritual guru become a European trademark?

‘OSHO’ brand ruling in a European court has split the worldwide followers of the India-born spiritual guru once again, writes Abhay Vaidya in the Hindustan Times, on December [...]

A picture of the sun – is not the Sun

A letter from Neeraj about the recent European decision to accept the sign OSHO® as a branding / trademark for products and services.

It’s only a brand

A court in the European Union recently upheld rulings of lower tribunals (not courts) that had allowed OSHO as a trademark for OIF in the EU only. Sangeet explains the implications [...]

Ramateertha on EU Court of Justice Decision on the “Osho” Trademark

On October 11, 2017, the European Court of Justice pronounced its verdict in the OSHO trademark case, writes Ramateertha [of Osho Lotus Commune, Cologne, Germany].

‘Osho can never be reduced to a brand’

“Please note that Osho can never be a brand; he is a Buddha, an awakened one, an enlightened mystic. He belongs to the whole humanity. Nobody or no institution can monopolise his [...]

‘Osho’ brand belongs to Zurich entity, rules European Court

The court dismissed the petition by Osho Lotus Commune, Cologne (Germany), against the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on the trademark case. The Cologne [...]

Ramateertha’s Reply to Swiss Findings

A shockingly wrongful assessment by the Swiss Supervisory Board EDI in response to Ramateertha's complaint to the Swiss ruling about the OIF and the forged will of Osho.

Stop OIF Trademark and Copyright Harassment

A look at the facts and options to impede OIF's harassment tactics and threats.

The Name of the Story is the Story of a Name

Sarlo writes about research and findings in regard to the transition from Bhagwan to Osho.

Another OIF Harrassment

25 videos of Osho Sandesh V Magazine, posted by Osho Sandesh at Osho Tapoban Centre in Nepal on YouTube, have been terminated on demand by OIF.

The Zurich Legacy of the Sex Guru

François Pilet writes in L'Hebdo, weekly French-language news magazine, Lausanne, Switzerland, on December 11, 2014

Clarification and Analysis of the Most Recent Swiss Order

Sangeet's in-depth analysis about the ongoing court case involving OIF, Zurich and the forged 'will'.

Swiss Ruling to Reinstate OIF Board of Directors

In their decree on September 12, 2014 the Swiss Confederation, Interior Department (EDI) retracted their provisional suspension of June 2, 2014 of the entire board of OIF.

European TM case and Swiss OIF Ruling

An update on the present court cases regarding the European TM case and the Swiss Ruling for OIF, Zurich.

European TM Case (Update)

While an investigation into OIF is underway in Switzerland, there's news about the European TM case and several letters have been distributed which you can read via the links given [...]

OIF Update

As reported, according to a Swiss ruling the entire Foundation Board of Osho International Foundation was provisionally suspended. The 30 days granted for an appeal expire on July [...]

Osho’s Swiss Copycat Shut Down

Kaumudi Gurjar reports in the Pune Mirror on June 10, 2014:

OIF: Swiss Ruling

Breaking News! The entire Foundation Board of Osho International Foundation is to be provisionally suspended.

Osho never left a copyright or will, aids solicit CBI inquiry

By IPS Yadav, India Aaj Tak News, India, December 18, 2013

Controversy Over Osho’s Legacy Reaches Nepal

Posted by Utpal Parashar on the Hindustan Times Blog, Nepal, on December 17, 2013

About Alleged Copyrights, TM’s and ‘Will’

Osho News had several inquiries lately about the ongoing court cases with regard to the alleged will of Osho, and the alleged copyrights and trademarks of Osho's words.

Police Asks Osho Ashram to Produce Original Will of Spiritual Mentor

Neha Madaan writes in The Times of India on December 15, 2013:

Osho’s Signature On Alleged ‘Will’ Is a Forgery

The sudden appearance of a ‘will’ by Osho executed on 15 October 1989 (3 months prior to his leaving the body), has been widely published in the media several months ago.

Facebook Discrimination:
Osho Demoted from Personhood

A look at how Facebook's policy discriminates against people connected to Osho because of claims made by OIF.

I Am All for Fighting

Sangeet writes about how she dealt with conflict, in particular during the trademark issue