Grabbing God’s Attention

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The art of praying like a pro – a quasi review of Dr Linda Travelute’s book by Bhagawati.

The moment I received word about this book I was flabbergasted; I was convinced someone was pulling my leg. Not given to prayer at all, unless it expresses itself as an inner longing for the divine, out of love and gratitude, I have shared my thoughts on this topic in The ripple effect with the intent to encourage people to have a look at the usual nonsense and illusions associated with prayer.

Grabbing God's Attention

I refrain from commenting about this book (one question though: who is this god, whose attention one can grab?) but am posting excerpts from Dr. Travelute’s website below here that tell all.

Do you ever experience frustration or disappointment with your prayer life? Or are you embarrassed because you really don’t have one? Do you ever watch others pray and find yourself saying, “I wish I could pray like that?”

Have you ever questioned if you are praying “right” or praying “enough”? Or have simple questions like, how long do your prayers need to be? Or how much faith do you need to get your prayers answered? Or even what should you say to God? And do your prayers make a difference?

There is a simple solution to your prayer questions, frustrations, and an easy way for you to become so good at praying – you will feel like a pro! Imagine you, a master-asker expertly pushing your prayers up to the heavens and changing your circumstances and the lives of those you pray for!

My Frustration with Prayer: There was a period of time in my life when my prayers were flat. It seemed like when I prayed, God was out to lunch. I had tons of questions about prayer. Sometimes God answered, sometimes he didn’t. I had to deal with disappointment and confusion. I also had tons of other questions about prayer. I wanted to know how to make my prayer life more effective and see results.

I want to help you feel more connected to God. I want you to know what it feels like to have his ear. And to know no fear when you approach God who is holy yet looks forward to spending time with you – warts and all! (If you’ve got them! Don’t we all?!) This pivotal content will show you how to totally dominate the enemy when he tries to steal your faith and trust in God!

I rest my case.

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